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Gift guide: When is the right time to buy diamonds?


According to Marilyn Monroe they’re a girl’s best friend, and for many years these beautiful gems have been wrapped up in boxes and presented to loved ones as a token of their affection. They’re the perfect gift, one really can’t go wrong with diamonds. But if you aren’t the type to buy such lavish jewels at any given moment, when is the right time to really give them as gifts?

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments you and your partner will experience together and of course with a wedding comes a ring and for many, a diamond is the only option when it comes to choosing that piece of jewellery that you will wear and cherish forever.

Diamonds are also great gifts for those supporting you in your wedding party, such as bridesmaids and mothers of the brides. A small diamond necklace is the perfect choice and something they can wear to remind themselves of that special day spent celebrating your marriage.

A 60th wedding anniversary is of course the perfect time for that special gem to be gifted but any anniversary is a good call – read through this list to discover what material should be gifted each year. A small charm for a bracelet or a sparkling pendant are perfect gifts for that special someone on your anniversary.

Special birthday
Milestone birthdays are the perfect opportunity for diamonds. From fresh faced 18 year olds to glamorous Grandmas, they never go out of style and there is a variety of jewellery options out there – dainty earrings, chunky bracelets and elegant draping necklaces.

A special day such as this needs to be celebrated with a truly special gift and a piece of diamond jewellery is the perfect sentiment. The recipient has worked so hard during their time at university, so it’s a truly lovely gesture to give them something that will last forever and that can remind them of their achievement.

Just to say I love you
Sometimes there doesn’t need to be an occasion when it comes to gift giving, if you truly want to say ‘I love you’ perhaps some diamond jewellery is the best way.

For yourself
A special treat for yourself is always a good call and diamonds are an excellent choice.
A small pair of earrings to wear with your favourite dress to work or a new charm for a bracelet will add some sparkle to your outfit and also your spirit – there’s nothing like a new piece of beautiful jewellery to cheer you up!