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Here is how to get a flawless sunless facial tan in minutes

The struggle is real. You want a perfect tan, but at the same time, you know that harmful sun rays can cause everything from premature aging to skin cancer. Yet fake tanners – from foams to creams and oils – take time and skill to apply in order to get an even, natural coloring.

Struggle no more

Whether you’re a practiced self-tanner, or you’re looking to get a healthy natural glow, MineTan Nano Mist gives you the comprehensive range of tan tones and darkness, to help you build a facial tan that is all yours. What’s more is that the Nano Mist is the ultimate in compact beauty tools, combining facial moisturizer and self-tanner. that combines an amazing facial moisturizer with a self-tanner.

Everyone wants that perfect holiday tan

Spending all of your time trying to get the perfect tan with difficult, unwieldy home products has now been made as simple as a gentle spritz.

What is the Nano Mist Face Tanner?

Small enough to fit in your handbag and be taken anywhere, the Nano Atomization Technology of the Nano Mist Face Tanner uses micro-nano particles of self-tanner solution. These minuscule particles are absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving you with a great sunless tan, and hydrated, healthy skin.

At £59.95, the Nano Mist Face Tanner set includes a compact diffuser, the tan droplets, a small blending mitt and a USB charging cable. The diffuser is small enough to fit into your purse, or tuck in your carry-on luggage, making it essential for last minute work events or getting your holiday base tan started.

As one of the leaders in the sunless tanning industry, MineTan products are specifically designed to deliver professional results

To use it, all you have to do is hold the Nano Mist device 4 inches away from your skin and press the button. This distributes a fine mist of tan droplets, which allow you to create an easy and even coat.

The use of Nano Atomizing Technology allows your skin to absorb the tan immediately, as well as allowing them to moisturize as it sets.

Quick to dry, you can then apply your regular makeup over the top and go about your day!

The entire range of MineTan products contains high-quality, pure ingredients that are vegan-friendly and PETA-approved

Personalize your tan

As simple as putting on a spritz of perfume, all it takes is a zigzag motion (while ensuring that your eyes and mouth are closed). It’s ideal for your face, arms, and décolletage, and it begins working in seconds.

Since 2013, MineTan has been responsible for revolutionizing the self-tanner world. Their salon professional formulas are available in a wide range of styles and tanning effect, all of which allow you to build a tan that is unique and natural for you. Their technology and customer focused approach pays attention not just to the darkness of the tan, but also challenges the conception that there are only three standards of tanning: light, medium, and dark. Instead, they explore the undertones of tans, and understand that not all tans work the same way on different skin tones.

So, from a typical one-size-tans-all experience, customers can choose the skin finish and customize it to them, meaning that they can accomplish an expensive, professional style self-tan, all within the comforts of their own home.

MineTan formulas are continually adapted and optimized to ensure you always get the latest in tanning technology, year after year

The Nano Mist Tan Compact is the newest foray into making self-tan easy and attaining the comfort CEO and founder Kirstie Kirkham has placed the success of the company at their focus on the user’s end experience.

She told Luxury Lifestyle Magazine: “Our products are especially designed keeping the users in mind, allowing everyone to use them from beginners to the tanning pros at the convenience of their homes.”