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Holiday beauty tips for Summer 2017

women in water

The year is breezing on by before our very eyes, which means there is only one thing on our minds- the thought of chilling out and enjoying the sunshine this summer.

Summer really is the best time to streamline your usual beauty regime (shaving not included!) and take a more relaxed and natural approach to your makeup. While the heat and UV rays can play havoc with our skin and hair, we have come up with some easy beauty tips that you can follow that will keep you looking and feeling great for the duration of the summer!


Exfoliating is one of the biggest beauty hacks out there as it helps you to not only keep your skin free of dead skin but will also work towards promoting a deeper and darker tan. To stay glowing and radiant whilst on holiday, make sure that you alternate between medical and chemical exfoliation so that your skin stays looking gorgeous.

SPF lip balm

Few people seem tend to think about protecting their lips from the sun and focus on other parts of the face and body, when it is in fact the lips that are most sensitive when it comes to exposure from the sun. If you are heading out to a tropical or sun-filled destination then you should invest in an SPF lipstick or lip balm. This will help to ensure that your pucker is protected from dryness, sunburn and overall sensitivity.

women holiday beach water
Summer really is the best time to streamline your usual beauty regime (shaving not included!) and take a more relaxed and natural approach to your makeup

Sun protection pill

Alongside using a high quality SPF sunscreen that is best suited to your skin type, you should also look to boost your UV protection by taking an antioxidant supplement. The special ingredients in these pills have been known to reduce the amount of UVA DNA damage that is known to cause brown spots, wrinkles and other forms of skin sun damage. By using these tablets a week or so before you are due to head off on holiday you will ensure that there is a sufficient build up in your system that will help to improve your level of protection.

Shave smoother

If you wait a few minutes in the shower before using your razor to shave your legs you will find that the whole process will be far less uncomfortable. This is because the warm water will open your pores and soften the hair shaft which will provide a closer shave.

Use caffeine

Studies have shown that coffee and caffeine have a far more varied range of uses than we have given them credit for. Caffeine has shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in mice and has also been shown to help prevent cancer! Applying a cream that contains caffeine may be a fantastic investment and could see you improve the lustre and long-term health of your skin if the research results seen so far are anything to go by.

While looking great whilst on holiday is one thing, it is also important that look after your health and wellbeing too. Be sure to apply for your E111 card online and carry it with you when travelling to Europe as it will come in handy should you find yourself in need of medical attention during your trip.