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How Jo Malone has captivated the perfume industry

Jo Malone

What has taken decades for many fragrance brands, has taken Jo Malone a fraction of the time: recognition and being a high stakes contender in the perfume industry.

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously scribed …we are budding, we are blowing, And the wind which we perfume, Sings a tune that’s worth thy knowing… (To Ellen, At The South) and I can’t help but find this echoes the very nature of the Jo Malone perfumes. Whenever I talk with friends or I’m out for the evening, those around me compliment the scent I’m wearing and always say they’ve never smelt anything like it before. They always state that it beautifully and delicately perfumes the air around them; it’s definitely something worth them knowing about.

With every Jo Malone perfume I’ve tested they have evoked a unique memory of mine which is incredibly strange for a scent that I had never smelt before. This is the magic of the Jo Malone brand; it contains a myriad of colourful and natural scents that can instantly echo a feeling or memory for anyone. It’s signature three note composition (top note, heart note and base note) is what defines each perfume. Each scent has been clearly thought-through and captivates the wearer. What is even more great is the fact that you can layer the perfumes to create your own bespoke scent and you will never find that by adding more and more perfumes together that they over power each other you. The brand and its products are nothing short of miraculous for perfumes.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne (£88.00)

Wood Sage & sea salt 100ml

It’s one of the few perfumes that you just cannot identify unless you really know Jo Malone! It’s so enigmatic! When I was first introduced to this perfume by a Jo Malone salesperson, I was sure that this was a scent that I would not like and that I definitely wouldn’t get accustomed to. Nevertheless, the salesperson persevered and said, ‘let me just spray this card, we’ll walk around the store to look at other products and she we’ll readdress this particular perfume. I did exactly as she said and wow was I wrong about my first impression! The scent has an air of sophistication that is hugely refreshing with the use of sea salt and delicately fragranced with the use of the sage. Sure, it sounds like ingredients you would normally see in a kitchen, but natural aromas that permeate from produce such as salt and sage are surprisingly fitting for an everyday perfume.

Pomegranate Noir Cologne (£88.00)

Pomegranate Noir Cologne

The first perfume I ever bought from Jo Malone and one that is very close to me. Aside from my normal love of fresh scents, I’m also one for those that have a level of depth and a little darkness about it: case in point Pomegranate Noir. I instantly fell in love with the obscure nature of the scent, something I definitely hadn’t ever smelt before. The pomegranate gave it a freshness and the lily gave it a floral aroma, but the use of the Guaiacwood provided something entirely unique. It deepened the overall scent that was not in any way unbearable but actually more enticing. You can’t help but continually want to smell this perfume. It’s almost addictive. It’s a perfume that I like to wear for the evening and it’s one that no one around me can identify and that’s what I love: the mysteriousness of it all.

English Pear & Freesia Cologne (£88.00)

English Pear & Freesia Cologne

One of my favourite everyday perfumes! It has a crisp and light scent that is great to wear during the day. The English Pear provides a delicate fruity tone that is subtle but wonderfully aromatic. The Freesia is so quintessentially English and it’s what makes this perfume unique. If you want something uplifting and refreshing and that will last throughout the day, this is perfect. This perfume also has a knack for adapting and blending into your natural body scent so it doesn’t irritate those around you.

While I own copious amounts of Jo Malone perfumes because I am such an avid fan, it’s not necessary. What I will say is that you should by at least one JM perfume once in your life because it’s pretty lifechanging!