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How the hoodie went high-end

By Jake Daniels  |  December 13, 2020

The hoodie has long been an off-duty wardrobe essential for the casual dresser, but despite being one of the most convenient and versatile garments out there, was rarely seen in any luxury wardrobe in its early days.

Once associated with scruffy dressing and most often seen on teenagers, the hoodie’s reputation has been through something of a transformation in recent years, climbing the fashion ladder and eventually reaching the lofty heights of the world of high-end dressing.

So, how exactly did it get there? It largely has some of the fashion industry’s biggest name designers and fashion houses to thank. Elevated by the likes of Rag and Bone and Brunello Cucinelli, these days it is seen as a wardrobe essential for any stylish gent and has long since shed its less favourable reputation.

In fact, many might argue that it was the rise of athleisure and streetwear – both of which have been championed by Gucci over the past five years in a bid to win over younger and more extravagant millennial shoppers – that was truly responsible for propelling the casual garment into its current position as a fashion favourite.

The hoodie is still casual but now more considered

Gucci, which has embraced influencer marketing and worked alongside celebrities such as Beyonce to grow its younger customer base, is known for its range of trendy, logo-emblazoned hoodies, and with many more celebrities jumping on board of their own accord to be seen in them, it’s little wonder the wardrobe essential has achieved cult status for the long-term.

Of course, some of the best hoodies to hot the market have come from the likes of Adidas – which teamed up with Beyonce on its hit Ivy Park range – and Nike, which has long been a leader in sports luxe. Other sports brands, such as Converse and Puma, have also jumped on board to create some high-quality, luxury offerings, as well as their classic casuals.

Once upon a time, the sartorial male would never have considered being seen in a hoodie, but these days every sharp dresser should have a variety in their wardrobe. If that doesn’t currently include you, then it’s time your wardrobe caught up – so here’s all you need to know to choose your first or next luxury hoodie.

Picking the perfect luxury hoodie

If you’re new to the world of hoodies or your own collection is looking a little sparse, then there are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for your perfect piece.

First, you’ll want to make sure you choose a hoodie made from a high-quality material. The most commonly used material for hoodies is cotton, which not only allows fresh air to circulate inside it, but also prevents moisture to keep the wearer cool. With this in mind, a cotton-based hooded jacket is a great pick if you love exercising regularly, whether it’s running, going to the gym or just heading out for a long walk.

Elevated by the likes of Rag and Bone and Brunello Cucinelli, these days the hoody is seen as a wardrobe essential for any stylish gent and has long since shed its less favourable reputation

In colder weather, for a casual daytime look, a wool hoodie will provide elasticity and insulation.

Other materials which are commonly used for hoodies – such as polyester and nylon – have a less luxurious feel, so be prepared to pay a little more for a quality luxury garment that will last you for years to come.

Generally, you’ll be faced with two typed of hoodie to choose from – the zip-up and the pullover style. The former is a great pick if you anticipate wanting to shed layers while out and about as you warm up, or for throwing on quickly as you head out to the gym – while a pullover is the perfect choice for daytime sartorial cool and makes for the ultimate off-duty look.


For some more inspiration, head over to for a huge variety of top-quality luxe hoodies – you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice.