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How to find the perfect engagement ring in 6 simple steps

By LLM Reporters   |  

So, you’ve made the exciting decision that you’re going to propose to the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. This is an exciting moment, and when the all-important day arrives to choose an engagement ring for the proposal, it’s essential to get it right, but it’s not easy!

Unless your other half has heavily hinted at what they would like or you have an heirloom that would be the perfect choice, you may ask yourself, where do I start?

According to a proposal study instituted by Laguna Pearl and Pearl Source, more than 50% of men agree that the idea of finding the ideal engagement ring is a source of anxiety for them. Considering that both brands are leading providers for alternative engagement ring ideas, there is certainly some truth to it.

Some opt for an alternative item to propose with such as a temporary ring if they just don’t know what their fiancée-to-be wants to wear on their finger for the rest of their life, but for those of you who want to propose with a ring then there are a multitude of options out there. If you’re anxious about where to start, we’ve compiled some handy tips to help you on your way.

Diamond Wedding or Engagement Ring.  Diamond ring in white gold or platinum band.
The style of the ring determines the arrangement of the focal diamond, where the diamonds sit on the band, and how it looks on the finger


First of all, get a price in mind as this will narrow down your options when searching for the perfect piece. If you’re sticking with tradition then the suggested amount to spend on an engagement ring is three month’s wages. However, spend what you are comfortable with – if you really want to splash the cash and go for something that shouts from the rooftops then go for it!

Create your own

For something entirely special, consider creating your own bespoke ring for your beloved. If you are confident about what she would like then take your ideas to a jeweller and let them brings your thoughts to reality – it doesn’t get more special than that and it will be a piece she will truly treasure for its personal touch for a lifetime.

Although most diamonds look colourless to the naked eye, if you look closely you might be able to see that there are subtle yellow and brown tones that separate them

Consider the four Cs

If opting for diamond, then consider the cut, clarity, colour and carat. Cut defines sparkle – the sparklier the better; while clarity relates to the flaws that can be found – less is obviously more in this case. Colourless diamonds are the most rare, while popular shades such as pink or yellow diamonds hold more worth the more saturated they are and the size or weight of the jewel is measured in carats – the higher the number, the more valuable it is.


From princess to pear and round to radiant, there a quite a few diamond shapes to choose from, all with quite different looks. Do your research before and also take a good look in the store to see what you like the look of, you want the very best for your partner and she will no-doubt appreciate the effort you have put into choosing the ring for her.

Surprise for beloved woman. Back view of man in casual wear holding engagement ring in hands behind his back while standing against his beautiful girlfriend. Man making wedding proposal. Engagement.
The hardest bit will be getting the overall look of the ring right


The hardest bit will be getting the overall look of the ring right. Think of her style and consider what you can naturally picture on her hand, does she have a classical style or is she super trendy? Take a look at the jewellery that she already owns – is it predominantly gold or is there a lot of colour in her jewels? Perhaps something completely different such as a pearl ring would suit her personality down to the ground. If you’re really unsure then talk to a close friend of hers, they might have a good idea, just make sure they aren’t going to spill the beans and ruin your big moment!


Grab a ring she already has from her dressing table (that is worn on her ring finger) and take it to the jewellers to find out the size – this way you’ll be assured that when you slip it on her finger, firstly it won’t be an uncomfortable squeeze and, secondly, it won’t fly off with a simple gesture of the hand! Also if it fits right the first time then you won’t have to take it back to have it re-sized – any newly engaged woman wants to show off her new jewel to the world straight away.

Lab-grown or natural diamonds?

Growing in popularity in recent years, laboratory-grown diamonds are a fantastic alternative to natural diamonds. Why? According to the experts, lab-grown diamonds are chemically, geologically and optically identical to natural diamonds. The only difference is in their source, which gives lab-grown diamonds the edge if you want an ethical and sustainable gemstone.

If you’re looking for a lab-grown engagement ring in London then you won’t have to search far as the likes of Hatton Garden Diamond has plenty of choice when it comes to finding the best, most beautiful and, important for many, the most sustainable diamond for your loved one.