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How to get perfect skin like celebrities: We talk to leading London facialist Linda Meredith

London facialist Linda Meredith

Knightsbridge based facialist Linda Meredith counts some very famous and beautiful faces amongst her many clients including Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Emma Thompson and Penelope Cruz.

Her facials, (also available at Chewton Glen and the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park) as well as her products are sought after because they actually work; they are results-based and exceptionally effective. In point of fact, Linda’s philosophy of looking good differs dramatically from beauty gurus who will tell you that maintaining youthful beauty as you age is a simple matter of lining up the right combination of Botox, fillers, laser and chemical peels. Instead, Linda takes a big picture view. To her mind, you can get incredible results with effective facials, consistent home care and good quality products.

And with over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry Linda knows what she is talking about. Over the course of her career, she has noted dramatic changes in the way that skin has evolved, and following extensive research into the cause, it became clear to her that in the last 60 years toxins are making massive changes to the quality of our skin. And after realising that most of the products on the market weren’t addressing this issue, preferring to stick to ‘oily, dry, dehydrated and combination’ formulas, Linda developed her own range of skincare – one that deals with skin problems not skin types.

London facialist Linda Meredith
Linda has over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry

She told Luxury Lifestyle Magazine: “Working on clients every day for the past twenty years, it became very obvious to me that skin was changing. I also discovered that different traditional skin types would simultaneously show up on the same client at various times. As other brands dealt with oily, dry and combination separately and could not be combined I needed to come up with a solution. Like our body, our skin needs a combination of nutrients and LM products are designed to be layered on one after the other, depending on what your skin needs.”

Linda believes that one of the biggest mistakes women make about their skin is using the same cream every day year in and year out. She believes that skin changes constantly and it is vital to use the appropriate product depending on what it needs that day – and the difference this kind of attention makes is amazing.

Some of Linda’s stand out products include her V-Tox which was voted the “Best alternative to Botox” by Tatler magazine recently. V-Tox is a unique botanical cream designed to relax the skin in a natural way. Neuro-peptides and algae surround the muscles with proteins and block contraction of the dermis which leads to a smooth and tightened appearance, naturally. V-Tox starts at £66.

Linda Meredith Eye Care range
Linda has developed her own brand of quality skin and eye products

‘Amazon’ is her absolute best seller. This groundbreaking product helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier adding softness and smoothness. It contains powerful anti-oxidants ten times higher than red grapes making it the strongest defence against free radicals that can damage the skin. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory balm soothing skin aggravated by environmental factors and is highly effective in calming any skin irritations caused by breakouts. Full of Anti-oxidents, Vitamins A and C and powerful berries harvested from the Amazon, it has an immediate affect on the skin – particularly dry skin. Amazon starts at 59 pounds.

Her Eye-Countour Gel is unlike anything else on the market. On sensitive skin many eye gels can leave your eyes puffy, (because when we sleep our eyes have no movement to help disperse heavy eye cream), the LM Eye-Contour Gel is superfine and highly absorbent. All the actives here are easily absorbed into the eye-lid as well as the surrounding areas. Also, whilst traditional Eye-Gels target specific results; reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles or filling fine lines. Linda Meredith Eye-Contour Gel is a fusion of carefully chosen high potency actives, designed to treat all of these symptoms at the same time. Cost: £59

Linda’s stand out products include her ultra premium V-Tox

Linda’s signature facial is her Haute Couture Facial, a bespoke treatment which involves a deep cleanse with a fine layer of glycolic, a mask to push a vitamin enriched cream deep into the layers of skin and Linda’s signature Oxygen serum – one of nature’s most powerful healing elements. And whilst there are many oxygen treatments available, what makes the LM oxygen treatments unique is the combination of medical grade oxygen and the vitamin- enriched serum. This is one of the reasons that Linda’s facial was recently named one of London’s top 10 by Conde Nast Traveller. Facials start at £135 .

The Linda Meredith brand is going global at the moment, with the British facialist joining the luxury spa at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston, along with more than 10 outlets in Spain. The reality is, Linda’s faithful and loyal following is growing and second to none for good reason – this is one beauty guru who gets results.