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How to live a healthy & luxurious lifestyle like David Michigan

David Michigan

Living the luxury lifestyle is the ultimate goal – and even more so if we can do it in a healthy way. There’s a lot to be said for living your best life, and life and fitness coach David Michigan knows just how to help people reach their full potential.

An expert in the health industry, he’s known for his work with those desperately looking to break unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and overeating, providing fitness and nutrition plans that are designed to help his clients get into shape and feel great. From burning fat and gaining muscle to keeping weight off for the long term, the physical transformations he has overseen have been life-changing for many – but there are some changes that can’t be seen from the outside.

David Michigan
David has a combined social media following of over 5 million

“Confidence comes from the inside, and so it’s important to have the right mindset if you want to move forward in life. Many of my clients have spent years in bodies they disliked, and even after getting fit and lean, the low self-esteem that has always stemmed from it remains”, David explains. “The techniques I use help them to change the way they see themselves and to visualise the lives they truly want, setting them off on the right path to achieve their dreams and goals with confidence and certainty.”

Using a variety of mind techniques such as self-hypnosis and visualisation, David has succeeded in helping his clients to see what they really want in life, as well as inspiring them to reach out and get it. He promotes a healthy holistic lifestyle backed by the ‘Big Fours’ – visualisation, relaxation, affirmation and modelling. Whether it’s hitting their next big career goal or excelling at a new skill, the possibilities are boundless, the right mindset can often be all it takes to set things in motion – and David, himself, should know because it’s precisely this that got him where he is in life today.

It’s fair to say that David is the kind of person who practices what he preaches, and as a social media celebrity boasting a combined following of over 6 million subscribers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn, it’s clear that he lives a full, exciting and utterly successful life himself. Standing out amongst the sea of other fitness experts, life coaches and trainers on the internet by inspiring people to live to their fullest potential, he has been featured in many well known magazine publications including Men’s Fitness Magazine, USA Today and Forbes – and even does a bit of modelling on the side.

David Michigan
David has succeeded in helping his clients to see what they really want in life, as well as inspiring them to reach out and get it

Although Michigan has achieved a lot during his life and continues to push the boundaries, he stresses that he doesn’t do so just for his own benefit: “My goal is to make other people happy by helping them, enabling them to achieve their dreams and live the very best life they can. Doing that is what makes me feel fulfilled and content with my own life”, he explains. “I have a genuine passion for helping people and aim to reach out to as many of them as I can.”

“Regardless of what I do and of my own successes in life, I’m here for other people and not just myself. At the end of the day, I’m pretty normal, and I believe that that is what helps me to connect and bond with my clients on a more personal level. I’d give the shirt off my back to see others happy, and that’s something that will never change.”