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How to live a luxury lifestyle without the luxury price tag

In the age of social media, when it’s incredibly effortless to peer into someone’s life through the lens of their Instagram account, it’s easy to feel envy over the luxurious lives people seem to have while you sit dreaming idly at your desk job. After all, who wouldn’t want to travel through Africa, live in a mansion and endower themselves with every expensive amenity of modern living? The answer is, barring Tibetan monks and hardcore minimalists, no one. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the fabulous wealth necessary to facilitate turning these dreams into a reality. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It simply requires a solid mindset, some changes, and maybe a little bit of hard work.

The term “luxury” has evolved in meaning over the years

Redefine luxury

The first step to living a luxury lifestyle is to redefine the term “luxury.” What does it mean to you? When the word is attached to something you want to buy, does it automatically equate to exorbitant amounts of money? It’s time to change that way of thinking, because luxury does not always equal expensive.

In order to truly live a luxury lifestyle, you should center it on quality, and that doesn’t always mean having to dig deep into your pockets. For example, you don’t have to eat at a Michelin three-star restaurant every night, but you can find good quality ingredients and cook at home for a fraction of the price while still enjoying a delicious and tasty meal (you can Instagram this, too, and make all of your friends amiably jealous).

Another great tip is to shop secondhand. If looking great is a window to feeling luxurious, then by all means shop away. However, this doesn’t mean you have to shell out on the newest Louis Vuitton handbag or Patek Philippe wristwatch. Quite the opposite. You can invest in luxurious clothing pieces and accessories that are still good and fashionable long after their initial sale. Chrono24, for example, is a great place to buy secondhand luxury watches, particularly the aforementioned Patek Philippe brand, as these models can be very expensive brand new, but reasonable when pre-owned.

Luxury doesn’t always mean materialistic

Sometimes it’s about the experiences

Luxury doesn’t always mean materialistic. Some of the most enriching, and by extension, luxurious additions to your life can be experiences and relationships. There are a number of different ways these can be implemented. Firstly, only spend your time with those who add benefit to your life; cut away toxic people who do nothing but tire you out and drain you emotionally. Spend more time in nature; there’s hardly anything as luxurious as being surrounded by tall trees and growing things. Invest in your passions (which in turn may lead to lucrative career options) and never stop learning.

Take a little time out to be silent, and focus on maintaining your mental health. Engage with the world and seek out quality and meaningful relationships. Combined with material wealth, these are the true ways to feel luxurious without breaking the bank.