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How to spot a genuine Stella McCartney Falabella handbag

One of the industry’s leading female designers, Stella McCartney has turned her British take on modern femininity and tailoring into a global brand.

By LLM Reporters  |  October 19, 2021
Stella McCartney products on display at a second flagship store of Rinascente in Rome
Image Credit: Sorbis/

When it comes to the world’s most stylish luxury handbags, few do it better than Stella McCartney. From their unique and sophisticated designs to the quality leather and opulent hardware, there’s just something about Stella McCartney Bags that others simply can’t measure up to, and having amassed a global customer-base of lifelong fans, these iconic mainstays are here for the long-haul.

So highly sought-after have the latest models become that there is invariably a long waiting list for each new launch long before it hits the shelves of our favourite designer boutiques, with everyone from A-list celebrities to Instagram influencers clamouring to lay their hands on one of the very first.

Not just aesthetically pleasing on our arms, each Stella McCartney handbag offers the perfect balance of style and practicality, with spacious and fully-lined interiors providing compartments for all the daily essentials. The free-spirited boho style that has become synonymous with the brand meets carefully thought-out design in the middle, so it’s perhaps little wonder that they have become a global sensation that the fashion-conscious simply can’t get enough of.

Here, we take a look at the iconic Falabella – one of the brand’s finest creations and biggest ‘it’ bags of all time, and one that is deserving of a place in your collection. A classic that will stand the test of time, it is also one of the most imitated handbags in the world to date – so it’s vital you know what to look out for when investing in yours to ensure it is authentic.

Stella McCartney products on display at a second flagship store of Rinascente in Rome
British designer Stella McCartney has built a reputation for empowering modern women with her fresh, flirtatious take on feminine dressing. Image credit: Sorbis/

Falabella Construction by Stella McCartney

Handcrafted in Italy, each Falabella handbag is instantly recognisable for its diamond-cut chain and slouchy body, and you can be certain that every one has been meticulously well-made and hand-stitched to the highest of standards and finishes. Featuring visible seams that penetrate at regular intervals and whip-stitched to connect the model’s signature chain at each end, the modest price-point of the Falabella reflects the care, attention and increased manufacturing costs that have gone into bringing it to life – and given that it is completely vegan, is an excellent choice for those in search of a cruelty-free option.

Falabella Materials by Stella McCartney

Although the Falabella comes in various styles, one of the most popular is the vegan leather alternative model known as Shaggy Deer. A more costly material to manufacture – it’s even more expensive than some leather skins – and one that is unique to the brand, it’s a stand-out choice that looks the part and is weighty enough to exude quality without any unnecessary heaviness. Shaggy Deer is a textured material that looks akin to suede and features a glossy peacock pattern, giving it a unique and opulent look.

Unlike many synthetics, the Falabella does not feel greasy or plastic-like, and fakes can be spotted a mile off because they stretch a lot and struggle to maintain their form as well as the authentic Shaggy Deer. A fake’s lining might also be a dead giveaway; the inside of a Falabella is made from recycled nylon and has a jacquard weave with the logo in a circular design, which can be difficult to replicate – so be sure to check the finer details before making your purchase to ensure you’re getting your hands on the real thing.

British designer Stella McCartney
One of the industry’s leading female designers, Stella McCartney has turned her British take on modern femininity and tailoring into a global brand. Image credit: DFree/

Falabella Hardware by Stella McCartney

The British designer uses a flat curb link chain to enhance her Falabella purses, which are diamond cut and often made from ruthenium or brass. Diamond cutting is a technique in which a saw covered in diamond dust is used to produce an exceedingly clean cut – and adds an extra dose of opulence to these beautifully made bags.

The chain of an authentic Falabella should run the length of the bag, without spaces or joints, and be proportional to the bag’s size; a Falabella Mini bag, for example, will have smaller links than a regular tote. The chain link will line the bag’s perimeter and build up the top handles and shoulder straps if required, with a jump ring or gap only present in models that feature shoulder straps.

The disc connected to the chain is another recognisable piece of hardware to keep an eye out for. The brand logo will comprise a series of small dots, similar to the one found in the lining, with another disc functioning as a pull for the zip closing if there is an inside pocket, but the zipper will be labeled YKK.

Also look out for the white tag stitched into the inside pocket of a genuine Falabella, which should say ‘Stella McCartney, Made In Italy.’