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How to spot a great hair salon

By LLM Reporters on 31st March 2019

There’s a rule when it comes to hairdressers; find a great one, and stick with them for life. Most of us have suffered a hair disaster or two at some point, and it’s enough to warn us off shopping around at different salons forever.

But should you find yourself living in a new city, or away on your travels and in need of a fresh trim of blow-dry, you might find that stepping out of your comfort zone is unavoidable – after all, an impeccably styled head of hair is a fundamental part of a well-manicured image, and without it, you’re unlikely to feel at your best.

So if heading to a new hair salon is a necessity, then how can you avoid suffering the same fate again? Thankfully, there are some simple ways to spot a great salon that won’t let you down – you just have to know what to look for.

Here are 4 ways to ensure you’re making the right choice – beautiful, bouncing locks guaranteed.

If a chic and stylish cut is what you’re looking for, then seek out a salon that exudes the same

The location

Location is key when it comes to selecting a great salon, and the trendier the neighbourhood, the more cutting edge the hairdressers are likely to be. If you’re looking for a modern cut or high-fashion colour, then you’ll have come to the right place – but don’t expect a more traditional salon frequented by the older generations to do a great balayage. Equally, if you’re in an affluent neighbourhood then you can expect to luck out with glamorous salons aplenty. For the right price, you can enjoy an opulent experience conducted by a top-level creative stylist – and in places such as this, you’ll often find yourself in safe hands.

The look

If a chic and stylish cut is what you’re looking for, then seek out a salon that exudes the same. A salon doesn’t need to be filled with the latest and most expensive facilities to create good hair, but if you’re looking for an all-round experience then it certainly helps. An aesthetically pleasing space that you’d be happy to spend a few hours of your time in is a good sign – but a chaotic salon with hair all over the floor, a phone that is ringing off the hook and dirty coffee mugs littering the counters is most certainly not.

The clients

A busy salon is a good sign. Just like with restaurants, you wouldn’t dine in an empty one – especially when the one beside it is packed to the rafters with people merrily munching away. If you spot a salon where people are queuing up for a fresh cut then get yourself booked in, sharpish. There might be a bit of a wait for your appointment, but you can rest assured you’ll get the standard of service you require.

A busy salon is a good sign

The standard

Speaking of high standards, a reputable salon will have them all round – keeping its team of stylists trained in all of the latest techniques, as well as in impeccable customer service – ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable from start to finish. Any good salon will ensure you have a patch test at least 48 hours before your first colour appointment – if they don’t, then you should be concerned. They’ll also have comprehensive insurance from a provider such as Salon Gold to ensure their clients are protected at all times.

The results

Spend a minute or two checking out the results of a salon and its stylists’ work – if the clients you spot leaving look impeccably groomed and pleased with the results too, then it bodes well for the experience you’ll have yourself. If you like the look of their artfully created colours and cuts, then find out which hairdresser in particular has created them – a salon is only as good as its stylists, and you can’t assume that they are all as nifty with a pair of scissors as each other.