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How to wear your hair for sport like an Olympian

women training hair

With the Olympics in full flow, female athletes from around the globe are displaying some of the best-inspired hairstyles for playing sport – including the classic bun, the high ponytail and edgy pixie cut.

The hair and beauty experts at online retailer have been busy watching the Games and have picked out the top hairstyles that can be taken straight from Rio to your local gym.

From the sophisticated French plait to the classic high bun, there are a number of both chic and practical styles that can easily be re-created at home before heading out to exercise.

Working out doesn’t have to mean a standard scraped back ponytail – you can still have fun with your hairstyle and be the envy of all your teammates.

Joanne Dodds, from, said: “Everyone has been tuning in to the Olympics from home but what has caught our eye are the fabulous hairstyles being sported by female athletes from across the globe. They’re not only representing their country but doing it with style and sassiness. Their hairstyles are not only practical for their sport, but are bang on trend for the summer season. tpixWith our top tips, you can re-create some of these hairstyles easily before you take part in a match at home or head to the gym.”

Here are the best looks for a gold medal worthy hairstyle:

Classic tight bun

The tight and sleek topknot is the staple hairstyle of this year’s Olympic athletes. From gymnastics to horse riding to rowing, it’s been the go-to look for competitors. To re-create, comb all the hair back from the face and secure in a tight ponytail on the crown of the head. Then, using another hairband, twist the ponytail hair around the knot into a neat bun and secure. Add a spritz of hairspray to really get that sleek and shiny style.

French plait

Fancy something a little different than the usual ponytail or bun? Add a touch of detail with a sophisticated French plait. This technique is created by brushing the hair back away from the face and dividing into three sections. Begin by crossing the right section over the middle section, and then repeating with the left section. Before each turn, add more hair from each side. Continue throughout the rest of the hair and down the ponytail, and secure with a band.

High ponytail

This is the perfect laidback but stylish look for those wanting a more relaxed ‘do. Keeping your parting intact, brush your hair loosely away from the face and secure in a ponytail high on your head. To add a touch of glamour, create loose waves in the ponytail using thick curling tongs.

Dutch braided pigtails

Also known as double Dutch braids, this is a more complicated style. With your hair in a middle parting, create two French plaits down each side of the head and continue plaiting down both pigtails. Secure with bands. It may take more time but all eyes will be on you at the gym. Make sure the look stays flawless by securing with hairspray.

Braided ribbon topknot

This has been a particular favourite of the glamorous synchronised swimming squads. The teams certainly know how to up the style factor while in the pool and this includes their hairstyles. Taking a modern twist on the classic topknot, simply weave a ribbon (colour of your choice) around the bun and clip to secure at the back. You could even go patriotic and choose red, white and blue.

Pixie cut

A number of athletes are shunning the classic buns and ponytails and simply opting for short and croppy hairstyles that don’t need to be tweaked with. Perfect for those looking for an effortless hairdo that doesn’t need much work, complete the look with a short side fringe and edgy spikes around the back.