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In the know: Cynthia Chua talks about laser hair removal

Cynthia Chua

With the summer months, laser hair removal has seen a surge of interest. There are many different types out there, but it is widely considered that Soprano Ice is the most effective, and the least painful on the market. We get the insider knowledge from Ministry of Waxing’s founder and beauty expert, Cynthia Chua.

How long / how many sessions does it take?
We recommend between 6 – 9 sessions to reduce hair to a zip, but you should expect to see a 20% reduction in hair regrowth after each session! Some customers never have to worry about hair removal again. 

Is the treatment pain free?
Yes! There’s no risk of a horror story after a Laser session with us – the state-of-the-art sapphire tip on our hand piece prevents light converting to heat in the dermis, which keeps the skin calm and comfortable, and our cooling gel goes one step further to keep any skin flames at bay. If you’re still feeling a little uneasy, book in for a free patch test at any of our stores.

What are the advantages of having this specific laser treatment?
Where do we start? The revolutionary ‘in motion’ technique makes the treatment fast and seamless, allowing the heat to build gradually, rather than delivering it in one zap like other machines. This technique also means you’re less likely to ever say ‘you missed a spot’. LaserHair Removal also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, which means a more even skin tone and a fuss-free transition to the smooth side.

How long have you been offering this service at Ministry of Waxing?
We have been offering this technology at Ministry of Waxing since 2014.