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IV Vitamin Drips, are they key to a healthier you? We have the low down with CEO, Heather Bird, of HB Knightsbridge Clinic

IV Vitamin Drips, also known as IV Infusions or Hydration Drips have sailed across to UK shores after being made popular throughout the United States. But, what are Vitamin Drips? and what do they do to the body? Are they safe and are they effective? We have the low down with CEO, Heather Bird, owner of the glamourous HB Health, Knightsbridge Clinic, who have launched a new arm to the business that specialises in IV Vitamin Drip infusions called, HB Urban Detox.

Adele, Chrissy Tiegen, Cara Delevingne, John Legend, Rita Ora and Simon Cowell are the band of celebrities who are fans of IV Vitamin Drips and use it as a key element for them to achieve a healthier wellbeing. Despite appearances, this is not a bizarre scientific experiment. Rather, this is the latest trendy health and beauty treatment, that has a number of results depending on the infusion that you want. From increasing energy levels, reinvigorating tired complexions, helping to aid weight loss and get over a heavy night of drinking or jet lag — all with just one simple boost.

While the idea of having vitamins injected directly into the veins for health purposes was first developed more than 50 years ago in America, it’s only in recent years that it’s taken off as a must-have health and beauty treatment. We asked Heather exactly what IV Vitamin Drips are all about.

Heather Bird, owner of the glamourous HB Health, Knightsbridge Clinic,
Heather (right) is the owner of the glamourous HB Health, Knightsbridge Clinic

Q) What is the need for IV Vitamin Drips?

A) To sum it up, IV Vitamin Drips, are an effective way to help achieve optimum health and energy levels, buy directly infusing essential nutrients directly into the body. There are at least 30 vitamins, mineral and amino acids that our body needs in order for us to operate properly and effectively and to stay healthy. Yes, diet plays a major part in getting the vitamins and minerals we require, however, with increasingly busy lifestyles, the decreasing trend of home cooked meals with fresh produce and the over whelming increase in convenience foods in the form of fast food and takeaways; this is often not the case. Even for those who are conscious about what they eat, the nutrients in our food are simply not the same as they were. This is where IV Vitamin Drips can play a role in helping you receive the vitamins that your body is lacking or is in need of at a higher dosage to meet the needs of an individuals’ lifestyle.

Q) Can’t we just take Vitamin Supplements?

A) Yes of course, Vitamin supplements are very important to take regularly, however unlike taking vitamins orally, IV Vitamin Infusions can get nutrients to enter the bloodstream directly and immediately, allowing the body to better absorb and utilise these essential nutrients more effectively.

Q) Are all Vitamin Infusions the same?

A) All IV Vitamin Infusions are bespoke to your individual needs. We are all different, with different lifestyles and use our body differently, therefore, our IV Vitamin Infusions are not universal, they are bespoke, to an individual’s needs. For example, if you are suffering from low energy levels and are feeling lethargic, we can blend an IV Vitamin Infusion that will help perk up energy levels. Or, if you are looking to lose weight, as part of your fitness regime, an IV Vitamin Infusion can help your body burn fat quicker, for a more effective weight-loss programme.

Q) Are IV Vitamin Infusions safe?

A) All of our IV vitamin infusions are performed in a safe and sterile environment, in our clinic in Knightbridge, by our experienced medical team. We use high quality ingredients in all of our IV Vitamin infusions to minimise the risk of allergic reactions and side effects. For those that have needle phobias, we also help ease this by placing a numbing gel to the client to minimise any phobias to needle insertions.

Heather Bird, owner of the glamourous HB Health, Knightsbridge Clinic,
Heather (left) is fast becoming one of Europe’s leading health and beauty visionaries

Q) Why is the beauty/health treatment more prevalent in major cities?

A) Simply put, urban expansion is a major factor to why IV Vitamin Drips are more popular in major cities, as well as globalization. As mentioned above, city lifestyles and the amount of convenience foods which are popping up at every corner, are making it harder and harder for us to lead healthier lifestyles. Added to this is the side effects of the environment to individuals in the cities. Take for example London. In a recent article in the Guardian, the scale of London’s air pollution crisis was made apparent with new figures showing that every person in the capital is breathing air that exceeds global guidelines for one of the most dangerous toxic particles.

It also found that 7.9 million Londoners – nearly 95% of the capital’s population – live in areas that exceed the limit by 50% or more. In central London the average annual levels are almost double the WHO limit of 10 µg/m3.

In essence, IV Vitamin Drips are an effective way to help our bodies repair and become stronger to external dangerous environmental changes. Of course, I am not saying that IV Vitamin Drips is the answer to all health ailments, but it is a strong tool to help our bodies wellbeing.

Q) What are the costs and where can I have it done?

A) The costs of IV Vitamin Drips vary, depending on what individuals have, and how often. I recommend that anyone looking to have an IV Vitamin Infusion, be it an individual session or a course, to contact one of our team at HB Urban Detox.