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Keep your skin protected all year around with Institut Esthederm!

We live a dichotomous life with the sun: we love it for its vitamin properties and tanning tendencies, but we dislike it because of its harmful rays and premature ageing to the skin. It’s a complex relationship and one that can only really be solved with some SPF compromise.

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a chemical composition designed by the beauty and health industries to ensure that we can enjoy the sun without all the detrimental health consequences. Some of us only need low factor lotions and creams and some of us need the higher options. It’s all about finding those skincare brands that offer the best in sun protection. Decades ago the only sun protection ointments were thick and gluggy and left a chalky finish to the skin once applied. It was as if you were a ghost in the sunlight; a clear oxymoron. What was more interesting was that we assumed that SPF products should only be used when we were in direct sunlight, for example while on holiday in the summer. Little was mentioned about the importance of using SPF beyond the typical warmer and sunnier months. Even in the autumn and winter months we should be using SPF to protect our skin; the sun is still emanating its rays into our atmosphere and piercing through the skies.

Now with climate change being a clear issue, we are becoming well aware of the planet heating up with melting icebergs and tremendous weather conditions. As the ozone layer begins to lose its strength in protecting the Earth from the Sun, we need to be more conscious of our skin and its overall health. Therefore, it is imperative that we use an SPF all year-around and one that works exceptionally well with our everyday skincare, bodycare and makeup routine.

It is without a doubt that my favourite SPF creams are the product of the brand, Institut Esthederm. Aside from the luxurious burnt orange packaging with a gold trim, the creams themselves boast an unprecedented SPF formula known as Global Cellular Protection technology.

Bronz Repair Strong Sun Protective Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Face Care(£48.95)

‘Stimulates, enhances and intensifies the glow of light or delicate skin that doesn’t tan easily. Allows people with sensitive skin to enjoy the sun by minimising the risks of skin reactions.’

This SPF face cream not only protects the skin because it has a high SPF but when dispensed into your hand, it’s not that thick white chalky mess that you normally encounter. It’s light and immensely hydrating. I like to combine a pea-sized amount of the cream to my normal moisturiser; as I mix the two and apply it to my face it blends in seamlessly. No white residue that is drying to the skin; just a sheer glow that makes your skin radiate. What I love even more is its ability to act as a primer before applying your foundation and concealer. Old and alternative SPF creams have a habit of splitting your makeup so that you end up with cracks and dry patches. This SPF face cream is up there with some of my best.

Bronz Impulse Face and Body Spray (£42.50)

‘Bronz Impulse screen-free face and body spray prepares, optimises and enhances natural tans and prevents photo-ageing.’

This is one SPF body protection mist that you can’t want to forget! Formulated to be used before, during and after sun exposure, this product is hitting the ball right out of the park as the saying goes. Put an end to buying three different products for sun protection because this Face and Body Spray does all three and effectively. Its lightweight texture easily absorbs into the skin making it virtually invisible; all you can see is a glow on the skin. Now this may not be the case with everyone, but sun exposure my skin tends to crack and peel because it can get quite dry; after using the Bronz Impulse Face and Body Spray I have found that this doesn’t happen anymore. It’s truly a product that can protect, moisturise, hydrate and provide a lovely glow. What more could you ask for?

Next time you are at the sun/holiday aisle in any drugstore and you’re inundated with sun protection options, remember what I said about the Institut Esthederm brand and head straight to the likes of Space NK, Feelunique or Lookfantastic and make that purchase! It will change your skin routine for the better.