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Lacroix Skis: Bringing French luxury to your winter sports!

Lacroix Skis

Style and fashion expert Jake Daniels takes a good look at the Lacroix Skis 2015/2016 skiwear collection.

Created by French ski champion Léo Lacroix in 1967, the Lacroix brand stands out through the high performance and elegance of its products, which allow skiers and winter holiday lovers to live unique and exclusive experiences.

Creator of the first compact ski, Lacroix has been a pioneer from the very beginning. The brand has cultivated its unique image by creating outstanding technical products, mastering a diverse range of materials such as textiles, metal, titanium and carbon, as well as the use of advanced specialised technologies in the production process (e.g. fashion design, needle work, anodisation, precise laser cutting).

Lacroix Skis
The Lacroix brand stands out through the high performance and elegance of its products

Lacroix relies on a passionate team of engineers, designers, champions/testers, competitors and advisors, working together in a laboratory of reflection and creation to develop products which deal with the technical constraints of usage and optimise the skiing experience.

The brand quickly gained recognition from skiers of all levels for the design and technical innovations of its high-end skis, including custom pairs. Over the last few years, men’s and women’s skiwear lines have been launched, with textiles featuring structured cuts, graphic lines and shades of black and white.

The Lacroix 2015/2016 skiwear collection includes two lines based on technology and design, the two core values of the brand.

Lacroix Skis
The brand was created by French ski champion Léo Lacroix in 1967

The Luxury line, sophisticated and distinctive, enhances aesthetic appeal thanks to structured cuts and the use of premium materials. This exclusive style will draw the attention of the most elegant skiers.

The new Sport line, bold and avant-garde, reflects the spirit of the Lacroix design team. This new concept combines identity with functionality. The distinctive character of these products will appeal to demanding skiers.