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Laura See London: The new luxury shoe brand favoured by powerful, playful women

By Melanie Kruger  |  July 29, 2021
Laura See London
Image Credit: @ChristineHavillPhotography

Despite all of the time and effort we put into curating the perfect outfit, the first thing most people notice about us is our shoes – and the right pair can make or break not just any look, but any first impression, too.

The key to getting it right? Opt for quality, always – and don’t be afraid to make a statement. If you’re wearing a minimalistic monochrome get-up to the office, then a pair of colourful killer heels can be just what is needed to elevate it to the most respectable of heights, while a bolder ensemble can be perfectly punctuated with a beautiful pair of nudes.

Of course, we’re not talking about any shoes, and buying from the right designer can win you some serious extra points in the style stakes. New and exciting luxury shoe brand Laura See London has been making its mark on the fashion scene this year, offering original and high-quality footwear designed for fun, fearless and positive-minded women – just the kind of image you’ll likely be going for.

Laura See London
Laura See London make luxurious, high quality footwear for fun, fearless and positive women. Image credit: @TheMakersPhotography&Film

The brainchild of founder and designer Laura See, this burgeoning and bold range of footwear is as bright and funky as it is sophisticated and chic, and is a culmination of Laura’s lifelong passion for both art and shoes. Taking inspiration from some of her favourite artworks and drawing on a range of prints and textures, the result is playful yet punchy range that aims to capture the essence of freedom and make every woman feel fabulous – regardless of age, shape or size.

The story behind the brand’s creation is rather a poignant one – and one that very much comes across in each pair of shoes.

“I have always loved shoes from a very young age,” explains Laura. “My passion for art and design led me to work in various creative industries over the years, but whatever I turned my hand to, I never quite felt fulfilled.

“After getting married in 2015, my husband became ill and while he was undergoing treatment, I found myself sketching shoes as a therapeutic pastime. Sadly, he passed away five months later, and it was this life-changing event that made me realise I shouldn’t wait a moment longer to pursue my dreams.”

Laura See London
The brand believes in quality over quantity and works hard to consider sustainability within every part of the design process. Image credit: @TheMakersPhotography&Film

Laura’s shoe designs are a testament to that powerful realisation, and although still in its infancy, it’s easy to see how influential this brand has the power to become in the fashion world. With a small and exclusive debut collection comprising three different styles – mules, sandals and slingback flats – it has managed to cater to all preferences when it comes to comfort, and with each pair comes the message that life is for the living – and that we should grab hold of every experience we can.

“My goal was to create a brand that represents positivity, confidence and versatility,” says Laura – and she has certainly achieved just that. Her bold designs aim to make a statement, and are not for the shy and retiring – making for a talking point amongst friends and work colleagues, so unique and individual are each pair.

Pouring creative magic and love into every design, her passion for her work shows in every possible way.

Featuring on the sole of every shoe, the hummingbird represents movement, beauty and determination. Image credit: @TheMakersPhotography&Film

As a lifelong nature lover, Laura has made it a priority since day one to ensure that her brand follows sustainable practices. Where possible, shoes are made from cut-offs to minimise waste, or previous season fabrics that can be repurposed into something very ‘now’. Always made with real and ethically-sourced leather, her shoes take on a timeless shape and style that means they are certain to last for years to come, and are printed with her own creative artwork.

“I still have some shoes in my collection that I bought over 15 years ago and continue to wear them today,” says Laura.

“Quality that is made to last is important to me, and I want to offer my customers true value for money and the peace of mind to know that their purchases from Laura See London are an environmentally conscious choice.

“Reducing waste and ending throwaway fashion are ways our industry can make a real difference, and I believe the time to do it is now. That doesn’t have to mean compromising on style and quality – in fact, quite the opposite,” she adds.

Laura See London
The SS21 launch collection is a vibrant mix of styles you’ll want to be seen wearing this summer. Image credit: @TheMakersPhotography&Film

Instantly recognisable by an iconic hummingbird logo found on the base of each and every shoe, it’s a motif that is symbolic of freedom, determination and beauty – all qualities that she associates with her clients and believes that the Laura See London brand represents.

“I chose the hummingbird motif because those are exactly the qualities I aim for each pair of shoes to exude. They are designed to reflect a woman’s moods and communicate her unique and bold tastes, serving as a reminder to always be who they want to be and not to settle for anything less. It’s about fun and individuality just as much as it is confidence and power.”

The SS21 launch collection is a vibrant mix of styles you’ll want to be seen wearing this summer. For more information and to get shopping, head to