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Linda Meredith’s top tips for winter skin

By LLM Reporters on 19th November 2018

It’s that time of year again when skin feels a bit lacklustre and the winter blues may be beginning to kick in. We speak with celebrity faciliast Linda Meredith on her top tips and products for managing the season with great skin.

What are the unique challenges for skin in the winter?

The challenges for skin in the winter are twofold, basically the change in temperature from outside to inside.

Leading celebrity faciliast Linda Meredith

Skin needs protection from the environment especially when it is extremely cold as the skin can become dry and irritated but also some protection inside if the temperature of your central heating has been turned up.

Amazon is the perfect product to prevent both issues due to the uniqueness of the ingredients. It contains powerful anti-oxidants that can act as an anti-inflammatory if the skin becomes irritated due to the cold weather. It also acts as a protective barrier sealing the surface layer helping to prevent any moisture loss. It can be used both morning and evening over your normal daily products.

Should your skincare routine change with the seasons?

Yes, skincare should change with the seasons. Apart from the change in temperature there is also a change in diet which does affect the skin.

Although every type of produce is available all year round, we do still tend to eat seasonally, such as lighter foods in warm weather and more hearty warm foods in the winter. The same applies to skin care products, lighter creams and gels feel more comfortable during the summer months but as the seasons change and it gets colder slightly richer products help nourish and support the skin throughout the winter. Different brands should not be mixed as each company uses a different combination of ingredients which may not be compatible but changing products within the same brand will give the skin the variation of essential ingredients which it needs to stay healthy all year round.

Linda Meredith has developed her own brand of premium skincare products

What are your top product suggestions for this time of year?

My top products for the winter are:

Collagen Synergie to support cell renewal and boost hydration levels.

Amazon as a protective balm and its anti-ageing benefits.

Hydrating Gel to keep the skin hydrated.

Enzyme Peel to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and heavier ingredients in products used for protecting the skin during the winter months.

Eye Gel as the eye area can become more dry and tired during the winter.

Linda Meredith’s beauty brand is used at some of the world’s most luxurious spa hotels

What kind of facials should I be getting and how often?

The LM Haute Couture facial is carried out monthly but does vary as we go through the seasons and of course any particular issue a client has at that point in time. Homecare products should also be varied seasonally but also for International clients who return to their home countries.

The best boost for the winter is the LM Oxygen treatment facial as it can be carried out more frequently. For example, if a client is visiting for a short period of time, 3 treatments can be done, one each day. Alternately weekly treatments will support the skin over the winter months.

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