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Luxe festival hair styles

Festival season has well and truly kicked off with Coachella and there are many more to follow around the globe. With a massive focus on style, there has never been so much pressure! Here’s the top two favourite trends and tips on achieving these festival-friendly hairstyles this summer.


They come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Suiting more hair types and face shapes, they are a sure-fire winner, not to mention they are simple to achieve. We catch up with braids expert, Tatiana Karelina of her namesake luxe brand.


What is your ultimate festival hair trend?
My all time favorite festival hair is definitely braids. They actually seem to be the big thing on the festival line up this summer. I love braids for many reasons. Based on the look you are creating, braids can capture a bohemian, romantic look, or a chic twist can create an elegant, stylish look. Apart from the various looks you can achieve with braids – they can be a real lifesaver and the best emergency hairstyle when you don’t have access to a shower and you’re relying on dry shampoo to keep your hair looking fresh. Braids keep the hair off the face, they are totally texture friendly, so dancing and swinging this hair-do everywhere is highly encouraged and braids will stay put all weekend too! Our most popular hair accessory during the festival season is actually a Clipin braid. Clipin Braids are genius, they clip discreetly with one clip under a layer of your own hair and add instant chinkyness and length to fine and/or short hair. They are matched in colour to the natural hair so nobody can tell the difference! Add a flower or a floppy hat and you have the perfect easy-chic bang on trend hair do for the festival.

What is your favourite braid type and how to achieve?
I actually love a good random combination of a few braids in one hairstyle which makes the whole look a little more intricate and definitely interesting. If I go for a braided updo I will mix a Dutch Braid (on one side) and a Fishtail (on the other side) which I connect in the back, interlace, braid together and pin. I rely on my imagination and mood and can never replicate the same style twice. It works every time and never fails to get loads of compliments!

Richard Ward, the celebrity favourite and royal go-to hairstylist, creates the most beautiful ponytails around


Richard Ward, the celebrity favourite and royal go-to hairstylist, creates the most beautiful ponytails around. An easy to wear style, especially for festivals he lets us in on his tips for this SS17 favourite style.

Why do you love a ponytail?
Ponytails are easy and versatile styles, yet can have a dramatic impact. Whether worn sleek and low at the nape or tight or high on top of the head, they can be tailored to any occasion, including day festival looks – and will always look like you’ve made an effort.

How to achieve:

Add instant glamour to a ponytail by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic and securing it with a pin. It’s quick and easy, but pulls the whole look together.

Emphasise your eyes and cheekbones with a high ponytail at the top of the head.

Use bobby pins to stop your ponytail from sagging down. Secure them to the elastic, underneath the hair, to keep your hairstyle perky and upright.

To avoid those annoying bumps and lumps, blow dry and brush your hair in the direction of where your ponytail will sit. This helps your hair sit smoothly scalp and removes any knots or tangles which could create an uneven shape.

Once you have created your ponytail, mist your fingers with hairspray and gently smooth over your hair to get rid of pesky flyaways and frizz.

Add interest to a simple ponytail with a pretty accessory, like a headband or delicate clip.