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Luxury Fashion: We take a look at heritage brand Hawes & Curtis

Heritage brand Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis, headed by Dragons’ Den star Touker Suleyman, is a British heritage brand founded in 1913, currently operating 29 stores in the UK, with two of them located in Jermyn Street, London. Style and fashion expert Jake Daniels takes a detailed look at the brand’s history and what the company has to offer luxury seeking consumers in 2016.

When it comes to exquisite tailoring, the perfect fit and a choice of on trend colours and prints to fit your daily wardrobe needs, why look any further than a company with an impressive four Royal Warrants to its name.

Heritage brand Hawes & Curtis boats more than a century in creating the quintessentially British menswear and womenswear ranges, for which it has become a worldwide name.

Founded in 1913 by accomplished outfitters Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis, right from the beginning their products have been acclaimed by aristocracy and Hollywood’s elite. Notable customers have included Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Lord Mountbatten, Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire.

Hawes & Curtis
Hawes & Curtis was founded by two accomplished outfitters, Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis, who opened the first store at 24 Piccadilly Arcade in February 1913

The Duke of Windsor (formerly known as the Prince of Wales until he abdicated) was perhaps Hawes & Curtis’ most famous client. In 1922 he placed his first order for lounge suits, blazers, flannels, linen shirts and handkerchiefs. Hawes & Curtis became the Duke’s shirt maker of choice and on the 5th of December 1922, he granted ‘Hawes & Curtis Hosiers’ with its first Royal Warrant.

Hawes & Curtis in turn created the famous spread collar, designed specifically to accommodate the Duke of Windsor’s ties and the knot he inspired – the Windsor. The Duke’s famous Windsor knot was achieved by having Hawes & Curtis put a thick interlining in his ties to make them denser.

Back in the day the company was especially known for introducing the backless evening waistcoat. Fred Astaire allegedly approached Hawes & Curtis to have one made of his very own, only to be regretfully refused due to the high demand for such garments from the British aristocracy.

These days the firm continues to evolve under the leadership of latest investor to join BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Touker Suleyman.

Hawes & Curtis
From timeless formalwear to stylish casualwear, discover luxurious wardrobe essentials for every occasion

Despite buying the business for just £1, Touker has transformed it into a global name, launching Jermyn Street to the world via the online store and expanding its reach to more than 25 stores in the UK, along with stores in Germany and Dubai and dedicated websites in Germany and Australia.

While many businesses may lose their following over a 100-year history, Hawes & Curtis continues to dress everyone from household names to contemporary businessmen and women.

In fact their dealing with high profile customers over the years has led to the creation of their latest Spring 2016 Collection.

Hawes & Curtis understands that every powerful man and woman needs to look immaculate throughout the working week. And these new looks project power, confidence and sophistication in the distinctive British style that the shirt kings are renowned for.

The new campaign will celebrate Hawes & Curtis’ influential past and present clients along with its continued dedication to provide for the sartorial needs of successful men and women. The photoshoot took place on the 19th floor of the Shard. The iconic landmark was appropriately chosen for its striking architecture and the magnificent views over London. David Blakeley who has represented the firm for the second time in the shoot as the TV presenter, actor and best-selling author embodies the quintessential British style.

hawes and curtis womenswear collection
The brand’s womenswear collection consists of elegant shirts crafted from the finest materials

Touker explained: “Hawes & Curtis is committed to dressing customers for success. The new collection is inspired by the constantly evolving lifestyles and environments of our clients. Our brand continues to develop and adapt to these, whilst always remaining faithful to our strong British heritage.”

White and blue might be the shirt of choice for the majority, but with this new collection Touker has shown that colour is just as welcome in the boardroom. And as anyone who may have caught him on Dragons’ Den will have seen, Touker certainly leads by example.

Finally, if ever you have a bad start to your working day, spilling your coffee on the morning commute or heaven forbid heading straight to the office the morning after the night before, Hawes & Curtis are going to be your best friends. Pop into any store and pick up a fresh shirt to start your day and they will iron it on the spot and help you get on your way. Your day is looking better already.

For more information or to shop online visit or visit stores throughout London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Croydon, Kent, Leeds.