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Luxury summer staples to add to your jewellery collection

These are the biggest high-end jewellery trends to add to your collection now.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 4, 2022
Beautiful girl in long dress walking on a catwalk in summer club terrace

For the style-conscious dresser, summer is a season that is often associated with having fun with what you wear – from experimenting with bold colours and patterns, to embracing new shapes and styles with reckless abandon. But while the dresses, tops and trousers you fill your wardrobe with this season will undoubtedly form the foundation for a show-stopping look, it’s your choice of accessories that will add those all-important finishing touches, getting you noticed for all the right reasons and adding a dash of unique personality and flair.

Take a look at the best dressed celebrities and most influential style influencers, and you’ll see that they all take great care when it comes to accessorising – and their natural ability to combine and layer the right pieces is what really makes them stand out from the crowd. Expensive, well-cut clothes will always have a place, but reserve some of that splurging budget for some gorgeous luxury jewellery this summer, and you’ll never look back. These are the biggest high-end jewellery trends to add to your collection now.

The tennis bracelet

tennis bracelet

With Wimbledon season now in full swing, it seems only fitting that a tennis bracelet should be included on our list. A simple yet breath-taking piece of jewellery comprising symmetrically patterned diamonds and gemstones connected by a thin, precious metal chain, at first glance, its reference to tennis might be lost upon you – and you wouldn’t be alone.

The bracelet gets its name from a particular occasion, when during the 1987 US Open, professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her beloved diamond George Bedewi bracelet mid-match and the game was stopped to allow her to search for it. Because the entire spectacle was shown on TV, this type of bracelet quickly began to be referred to as the ‘tennis bracelet’ – a name that it has retained until today, and the bracelet remains an essential item to have in your jewellery collection for understated glamour and sophistication that suits all occasions.

The chunky choker

With the fashion world’s 90s revival in full swing this summer, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see that chokers are making a comeback, and in 2022, it’s the bigger and bolder, the better. In fact, the latest offerings have taken on a shape and form we’ve never seen before, with giant pendants essential if you’re eager to nail the trend.

From huge silver hearts to enormous, sparkling gemstones set on classic black velvet collars, this latest iteration of the choker isn’t one for wallflowers, but if you make it your mission to stand out from the crowd, then splurge on the most extravagant one you can find and wear it with pride.

The baguette ring

baguette ring

At the other end of the spectrum, the baguette ring is a huge trend for summer 2022 and is in keeping with the ‘more-is-more’ trend we’ve been seeing elsewhere in fashion. The epitome of blingy yet still managing to retain sophistication and charm, the baguette ring gets its name from the baguette cut diamonds it comprises, which are rectangular in shape and step-cut, with square edges.

Often found on eternity and wedding rings, this summer you don’t need to have a reason to stack them up on your fingers other than to score maximum fashion points. While one alone will make a stunning accessory, layering them is an extravagant way to make a bold statement.

The lavish link chain

Blonde woman with fashion golden chain necklace and earring

Link chains have long remained en vogue in their various forms, but generally, the daintier, the better if you’re looking for a classic style that will effortlessly stand the test of time. This season, however, hip-hop-esque chunky chains have made a bold comeback if you’re brave enough, although understandably, their association with this particular music scene might have many fashion lovers hesitating to take the plunge.

If you’re one of them, then the whimsical link chain necklaces we’ve seen making their way down the new season’s catwalks could be just the ticket, with unusual and intricate designs imitating barbed wire, paperclips and other unique shapes. With some of Europe’s most esteemed fashion houses clamouring to be seen as the thought leaders in this trend, it’s clear that it’s one that is likely to stick around, so splash out on some stunning pieces now and layer them up for the ultimate stand-out look.