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Mane matters that flatter: Meet India’s top celebrity hair stylist Jawed Habib

Smita and Kishore Iyengar track down iconic celebrity hair couturist Jawed Habib in between hectic flights to talk about his inimitable and ever trendy hair flair.


According to Forbes magazine, Jawed Habib runs a mighty $30 million global salon empire spanning the whole of India and select international locations. His daily air dash across diverse Indian cities where his 875 unisex salons and academies are spread out in 110 Indian cities, magnetize 15,00,000 customers valuing his unique personal branding. His international presence scales Singapore, Nepal, Kenya, Bangladesh and Dubai.

Jawed, whose spirited and ever vibrant personality is an age cheater, has built up a super loyal clientele of high net worth individuals. He is in fact a formidable, trail blazing brand in himself who has carved out an enviable niche for himself in rock solid platinum, as one of the most enterprising and highly successful business models in the world.

A relentless and hyper energetic go getter at all times, his effusive and infectious positivity endears as much to first time hand shakers as his die hard clientele. Jawed’s YouTube channel clocking hordes of enthusiastic subscribers is a rage with young admirers and entrepreneurial aspirants.

Jawed’s salon empire includes 875 unisex salons and academies spread out in 110 Indian cities


It began in the late 1940s… Jawed’s grandfather was the official hair stylist to Lord Mountbatten. Soon after Indian independence he was appointed as the official hair stylist to the President of India.

In addition, he served late Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and other prominent dignitaries. Jawed’s passion for the art of hair styling and ‘hair science’ (as he rightly termed it) was fuelled as a generational vocation.

Jawed studied French literature in Delhi, then moved on to London’s Morris School of Hair Design, specializing in Hair Coloring & Setting and Dressing Out. Once he returned to India, he quickly realized that proper education and vocational training were imperative for ultimate success in any profession.

He set about creating a chain of academies where young hair stylists would be trained in international standards of hair couture. Aspirants are taught the intricacies of hair styling, hair coloring and also trained on providing excellent customer service experiences.

Jawed has created a chain of academies where young hair stylists are trained in international standards of hair couture.

“We’ve evolved together as a family over the last 3 generations and have espoused a culture of science and understanding that is used to style hair,” remarks Jawed with conviction. “Our employees are our assets who are meticulously trained on the innumerable scientific methods of hair cutting and styling that would directly benefit our treasured customers. To be even more specific, the methodology that we follow is what we call science-based styling and not just styling based on products.”


Global excellence. As India’s best known and celebrated hair dresser, Jawed relentlessly whips up a trendy and cutting edge international styling credo that’s an ongoing philosophy visible in his avant garde hair styles. His ever smiling demeanor and genial personality makes him extremely endearing.


Focusing only on international trends in hair styling, Jawed scales exciting styles that have seen metamorphosis. Take a look at the latest global trends he recommends passionately, each tailor made to leverage personalities and professions of his ever growing clientele.



A swept back layered look announces your presence strongly

Remember Al Pacino’s iconic swept back hair in the film ‘SCENT OF A WOMAN’? This slick back hair style has always made a firm statement in corporate circles. Simple, no-nonsense, crisp and definitive, it announces your presence strongly.

It projects a mature, calculative, astute business personality and the look has stood the test of times. It lends a formal as well as a formidable look and is extremely flexible in diverse ecologies.

Slicked-back hairstyles are enhanced with a deftly trimmed beard. Or a striking scruff that boosts the swept back look. This remarkable style asserts the personality. For a simple, timeless take on the slicked back trend, opt for classic styling.


The today’s Quiff look dons a shock of hair in the front and the top of the head, receding as shorter hair with a smartly trimmed back and sides. The look is uber chic !


The well-trimmed moustache and well tended beard compliments the romantic light crop hair that goes well for all occasions. Like it or not, it gives an appealing manly edge to a guy’s persona.


The cool messy look is easy, fun, casual and very fashionable

Messy is chic and cool at the same time. It’s the mane vibe that doesn’t stretch to prove anything heavy ! The fact is, messy or ruffled are anywhere trendy as these styles are easy, fun, casual and very, very fashionable indeed. The bright side is there are an array of messy-ruffled styles, -long, medium and short. The right hair products could lend a fab messy look.

Check out the options that Jawed plays around with. The unkempt silhouette, maybe a carelessly thrown long hair, crop crown, or else an impromptu quiff….


Step back in time, get into the genteel mode, get that ‘well behaved gentleman’ image with the all-time favorite, -the Retro style. It’s the George Bernard Shaw personality, folks! Short, trimmed sides, well clipped light waved side parting with a wee bit shined up, that reflect miles of subtle sophistication and elegance. Needless to mention that suave, gruff well hand-mowed (!) beard will enhance and accentuate features and that irresistible jaw line…



Wavy hair is a timeless trend that suggests a touch of old world glamour

Waves are forever! From strong, to soft waves to cascades and glossy, romantic and glamorous to the old world glamour of Hollywood waves of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren to the windswept sandy waves of Reese Witherspoon, cascading curls of Rihanna and the glam tassles of Nicole Kidman. The wavy trend is here to stay forever.


Oh so girly and seductive, the farm lass look that teases yet is so innocent. The female mantle never looked so attractive with braided creations that uplift the countenance manifold! The stunning backflip braid crowns the style credo with panache and flair.


Short and chic delivers a confident punch with highlights to steal the show

Dashing, decidedly avant garde and easy to carry with oomph. This I care-a-hang style delivers a confident punch both as a corporate maven and a girl with the grit. The delightfully asymmetrical cut with appealing highlighting steals the show at all hours.


Confident, cool and charismatic. Very feminine, feels Jawed. This evergreen look transcends seasons, time zones and space zones as the all time preference. The elegant straight style is a formal, healthily groomed hair cut professionally gives body. It sure makes a lasting impression. The unmistakably straight Jennifer Anniston look is layered with face-silhouetting strands.


Funtastic and fabulous. What do famous celebrities have in common? Their curves (ahem, -curly manes!) So Shakira, Rita Ora, Mariah Carey, Beyonce… jazz up their personalities with their wiggly femme fatale fame. Super curls and twisty twirls add up to a snazzy assertion of style that stand out one-in-a-thousand anywhere, even in a neon crowd.

“These are a few of my favorite mane styles,” smiles the effervescent Jawed, hopping off to take his evening flight back home. Until another day on wings, to another salon and academy.