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Meet Catherine Levy: Luxury jewelry designer and face behind CatLevy Diamond Co

Catherine Levy

CatLevy Diamond Company is a leading jeweler based in the heart of Los Angeles in California. Established in the summer of 2010 by fashion accessories entrepreneur Catherine Levy, the combination of the founders’ beauty, disarming charm, astute business acumen and keen knowledge of current fashion trends have proved pivotal in the growing success of the luxury brand.

In 2017, Catherine merged her thriving venture with that of her husband, renowned wholesale jeweler manufacturer and exporter, and proprietor of Legend Diamonds, Moshe Levy. The strategic union of both lauded enterprises has helped to create what CatLevy Diamond Co. is today – a vertically integrated company with over a quarter century experience between the co-founders, and operations that encompass the design, manufacture, and retail distribution of timeless and bespoke jewelry pieces to a fast-growing international clientele.

Catherine believes that staying true to core family values and a tight bond with her clientele is what elevates her brand and drives the company forward.

We recently sat down with the leading entrepreneur and discussed everything from her inspiration to become a jewelry designer to her future plans for the brand.

Catherine Levy
CatLevy Diamond Company was established in the summer of 2010 by fashion accessories entrepreneur Catherine Levy

Who is Catherine Levy?

Honestly, it’s so hard for me to answer this. I am one person who wear many hats. I am a child of God, a wife, a partner, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a colleague, a boss, a jeweler, an entrepreneur, and many more. Like broken pieces of a puzzle, all these different aspects of my life complete me and make me who I am.

What inspired you to become a jewelry designer?

Around a decade ago, I realized that I had a rather sizable collection of designer items – bags and other popular accessories. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I opted to sell some of the items I had. A lot of them were barely used, and some of my first buyers were actually close friends. This was around the time that online selling of items for things like what I had to offer was reaching new popularity. It was a very successful endeavor.

The next chapter to this was a natural assimilation into the jewelry business, which my husband, and his family beforehand, have been a formidable part of for over two decades. Through the clients I generated with my bags and accessories business, I offered a line of jewelry, plus the trust of offering the beautiful diamonds from my husband’s wholesale line, and the local, LA-based artisans who put it all together, it was truly a winning combination.

Where do you see your brand a couple of years from now? 

We are constantly growing, of course every day brings new challenges and new learning experiences that make us reach a new level. The next few years will be dedicated to bringing to life new lines of Jewelry that we are working on right now, all of them are tied to the growth and empowerment of women around the world, a subject that is very close to my heart.and the sky is the limit, my vision and heart are as big as the ocean and I always aim to reach new highs, spiritually and in my business.

Catherine Levy
CatLevy Diamond Company is a leading jeweler based in the heart of Los Angeles in California

How do you manage to stay on top of your game being a mother, a wife and a designer? 

This is definitely a challange. I dedicated the first 10 years of my marriage to raising my kids, being part of their everyday activities, volunteering in school activities and literally raising them. When they grew up and wanted their own independence, I saw my opportunity to bring to life all the ideas I had and so I did. As a wife, I and my husband always ran our household as a team, helping each other in every task and challenge that came our way, and we do the same now as business partners. In my opinion, if you have a great partner in life, everything becomes easier. We raise our children and building an empire together and the truth of the matter is, that it is a fun challenge.

Which famous jewelry designers do you admire and why? 

I don’t really admire one particular designer. So many designers are so talented in different way. I always admire different qualities from each person or brand.

Which celebrity would you like to wear your designs? 

I have never really thought about this. My designs and my brand is always a “people” driven brand. Designing and pricing with you in mind. I try to take inspirations from current trends I see that a lot of celebrities are wearing and I try to think of ways on how I can make affordable for all of my clients.

Catherine Levy
CatLevy Diamond Company make custom handmade engagement rings, wedding bands and other fantastic jewelry

What inspired your recent “Crazy Rich Asians” Campaign?

In all honesty, most of my inspirations are actually opportunities that are given to me and I always choose to make the most out of it.

What’s next for Cat Levy Diamond?

We have a few Lines of jewelry that we will launch this coming year. We also have a few collaborations with fashion influences that are in both design and production process right now. We also released CAT BY CATLEVY which is a line of affordable / customizable jewelry that are priced from $350-1250. You can view all of this at Aside from these, we will continue to grow and cater to our amazing customers who made this year an amazing one.

When is your brand launch and where? 

It will most likely be in the 1st quarter of 2019. Stay tuned!

Where can we find Cat Levy Diamond? 

For those of you who wish to come and see us, we are located at 550 South Hill St. Ste. 1344, Los Angeles CA 90013 (by appointment only, how ever please call 213-6044871 if you are in the area and wish to see us right away)

For everyone else, we are at

Catherine Levy
People are loving unique, one of a kind jewelry that really steals the show

Holiday trends? 

We’re seeing a lot of big statement pieces. People are loving unique, one of a kind jewelry that really steals the show. We’re also seeing a lot of gem stones in jewelry and big eternity rings stacked together.

We’ve also been getting a lot of requests for Emeralds (both diamond and gem stone), Pear Shapes, and Oval Shape.

As for gifts, classic pieces like diamond studs, tennis bracelets and necklace, a simple solitaire pendant are still the best sellers during the holiday season.