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Meet ELENAREVA: A luxury fashion label specialising on the semi-couture

Handcrafted in Ukraine, ELENAREVA is the new luxury fashion brand making waves in the industry.

By LLM Reporters  |  June 20, 2022

ELENAREVA is a luxury fashion label specialising in contemporary couture with an arty-twist, designing feminine, laconic pieces with high-tech fabrics for the sophisticated and fun woman. The brand is based in Ukraine, and is known for collaborations with local artists. Support of the Ukrainian art scene has become a core value of the brand, and has inspired a signature incorporation of art decorated prints that allow for their customer to express a colourful personality, while remaining chic and comfortable.

Pieces are handcrafted in Ukraine, with a showroom in the capital of Kyiv, but ELENAREVA is also stocked in countries such as Kuwait, France, Saudi Arabia and Belarus.

We spoke to the brand’s founder, Elena Reva, to find out a little more.


When did you first start designing, and what inspired you to start your own label?

My first collection was born 10 years ago. I find feminine beauty very subtle, and I think that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. It is important to be able to properly translate yourself in this world. Clothing is an extension of our inner state. I love when girls feel attractive. My brand is an extension of me, and how I feel about the world and the beauty in it!

What have you enjoyed most about starting your brand?

I like working with artists. When two energies come together, things take on a special power and appeal. I think it was a great idea to release collections in collaboration with artists.

dresses by Elena Reva

What has been the hardest part about having a luxury fashion brand?

The most difficult thing is to find your own team with which you can rapidly develop. We create a very cool product, we get a huge amount of positive feedback, and we really want the brand to be in demand all over the world. 

How does the idea of gender in fashion influence your designs and collections?

Women inspire me the most. I love to reveal and emphasize their rich, inner world, each unique in its own way. My dresses are always very feminine with character at the same time. 

luxury label

How does your design style compare to your personal style?

I wear only my own brand; it characterizes me and my lifestyle. I do not create things that are empty or invisible. My dresses are always attractive, as are the girls in them. My designs are an exact reflection of my inner state.

In your opinion, what sets luxury fashion apart from other apparel?

I prefer to talk not about luxury fashion, but about intellectual fashion. When a thing is a continuation of personality. When it has ideas and codes.

How has the political climate and ongoing war impacted your business, and the fashion industry overall, in Ukraine?

This is the toughest question. We are currently living in a very difficult period. When you can’t plan anything. When all designers are trying to revive their brands. When everyone is trying to keep working in very difficult conditions. We have a long-established team in Ukraine, and all these people are already like a family, so I really want to keep the team. You need to adapt and look in different directions, searching for new ways and opportunities in order to move further and expand the boundaries of sales.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own fashion brand?

First, you need to form the main idea and philosophy of the brand. The main thing is to be in harmony with your sense of beauty. It is important to carry something valuable, unique, special and inimitable.