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Meet French/Vietnamese global influencer & style icon Claire Godard

Claire Godard is the founder and creative director of The Code of Style and designer of her own fashion brand Godard (which launches later this year).

Her vision is to inspire women of all ages to pursue their dreams and to become the very best version of themselves. Claire is a motivational speaker and an advocate of women empowerment.

We sat down with Claire and discussed everything from her signature style to her favourite fashion trends.

How would you describe your style?

It depends on the circumstances. From casual to elegant. I always try to be creative and thoughtful, bringing that both to my ensembles and to my cuisine.

Which one item from your wardrobe couldn’t you live without?

My blue linen blazer. I can dress up or dress down, its always appropriate.

What are your current wardrobe staples?

Jeans, a great belt, a tailored blazer, and a stylish handbag.

Who inspires your style the most? (Celebrity, family, & etc)

I am constantly looking at my environment here at home and when I travel for inspiration. But if I did name one person that I admired it would be Karl Lagerfeld.

If you had to live with only a capsule wardrobe containing ten key pieces, what would they be and why?

Of course my staples that I just mentioned because I can mix and match them into so many outfits, but I would also have to add my colorfully printed scarf, sunglasses, a hat, and my favorite wool trench coat.

Have you had any fashion disasters over the years?

I once wore shorts and a bikini top and it turns out the bikini top was a bottom!

Where do you like to shop?

I love shopping online for its convenience and variety. I also like shopping malls for their great window displays and merchandising. Some of them include, the Beverly Center, Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza.

What is your favourite trend at the moment?

The ugly sneaker trend! It’s casual, it’s comfortable, and fun!

How has your style evolved since you started out in the blogging world?

I am able to coordinate different colors, textures and styles much better.

What is the best piece of fashion advice you have ever been given?

Growing up, my Mother told me; if you’re sad, dress up! I’ve shared that with others.