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Meet the ‘Creator of Dreams & Fairytales’: Marketa Hakkinen, founder & designer at Nordic Angels

Marketa Hakkinen

Marketa Hakkinen, a high profile socialite living in Monaco, is making serious waves in the fashion industry. The creator of super luxury brand Nordic Angels, she recently launched her stunning new collections in New York, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Here, the Czech designer talks to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine about her iconic style and inspiration.

Hi, Marketa. How would you describe the style of your Nordic Angels collection?

Nordic Angels is a brand designed for real women and body types, and embraces and flatters a more curvaceous figure. The collection is aimed at ladies who know what they want in life and have already gone and grabbed it with both hands – but who, when it comes to fashion, are looking for something that little bit different. I wanted my first collection, above all, to exude originality, and I am confident that that is exactly what it does.

Each and every piece is unique, drawing inspiration from current trends whilst maintaining its own identity – and every style is made in limited quantities. The range has an exclusive feel to it, making it all the more sought-after – and every piece tells its own story.

My creations are made from an unusual combination of reindeer leather and high-quality laces and fabrics. The approach I take is to create dreamy, fairytale pieces that are versatile, feminine and sexy, and that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of edgy and sophisticated looks.

I have a two lines to introduce my client : DEMI – COUTURE and BRIDAL lines

Marketa Hakkinen
Marketa, a high profile socialite living in Monaco, is making serious waves in the fashion industry

Which one item from your wardrobe could you not live without?

I definitely couldn’t live without my Nordic Angels corsage. I wear it at every possible opportunity, and am rarely seen without it – whether its combined with jeans or used to create part of a more glamorous look. I particularly like wearing it with long fairytale skirts, which I have in a variety of colours; the look is stunning. I will always go for quality over quantity when it comes to fashion, and that means filling my wardrobe with beautiful key pieces that are well made, look great and will last.

What are your current wardrobe staples?

I’m a mother to three small children, so currently my wardrobe is filled with mostly casual attire. I like being comfortable and need to feel free enough to move around as much as I need to – kids are great at keeping you busy, and I’m often on my feet. I love tracksuits, but I do still have a good selection of more elegant pieces. For going out, I always turn to my Nordic Angels collection, and so most of my more show-stopping pieces are my own designs.

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

There’s no one person in particular, and in fact, I take more inspiration from my life. I get ideas from everything I see around me, and I like to get creative and play with different ideas. I’m a big fan of mixing and matching combinations that you might not necessarily expect, and doing so allows me to create some really unique and edgy looks.

Marketa Hakkinen
The trench Marketa Häkkinen wears in this image is from Mariela Pokka brand

If you had to get by with just a capsule wardrobe, containing no more than ten pieces, what would they be?

I would definitely choose pieces from my collection, as they are all so versatile and I’d never have to worry about looking or feeling good as in these pieces, it’s guaranteed.

I’d definitely want to have my reindeer leather corsage, and in fact, I’d choose to include it in three different colours. They’re great for accessorising and adding excitement to any look. I’d also opt for a long satin/organza skirt and my short cycle tulle mini skirt, along with my reindeer leather half jacket and trousers. The Demi-Couture long dress is an absolute must, too, and a real statement piece.

I’d finish off with a pair of reindeer leather heels; they’re surprisingly comfortable, and really easy to walk in – but they also look incredibly chic and really polish off any outfit.


Because they do everything a selection of wardrobe staples should; they serve as key pieces that can be mixed and matched any time, and will always ensure that you look unique and stylish.
Because I can all combine anytime and I always look very in style and different than others.

Have you had any fashion disasters over the years?

Yes! Haven’t we all? Once, I attended a red carpet event in Prague with my husband, and I wore an amazing blue maxi-dress with open-toe heels. I didn’t really think it through though, as due to the freezing cold weather I had decided to wear tights on the way there, just to keep warm until we arrived – but in the end I didn’t have time to take them off, as we were hurried straight from the car and onto the red carpet. There wasn’t a moment to spare!

Of course, the media couldn’t resist writing about my fashion faux pas, and it has certainly taught me that it is always better to just grin and bear the cold!

Marketa Hakkinen
Marketa created Nordic Angels in 2017

Where do you like to shop?

It varies, really – if I see something I like, I’ll buy it, without worrying too much about where it is from. I actually prefer shopping for my children, as I love to see the look on their faces when I come home with something new and pretty for them to wear

What is your favourite trend at the moment?

In all honesty, I’m not the biggest follower of trends by nature, but in the fashion industry, it’s sort of a necessity! At the moment, I love the baby pink colour that is everywhere right now. My new bridal collection for 2018 will contain a few pieces in this shade, and I can’t wait to see them brought to life. Watch this space!

How has your style evolve since you started out?

The style of my designs has changed a great deal since my first collection; nowadays, the pieces I create are more wearable and I have toned down the artistic side to accommodate this. I try to concentrate on sexy, feminine pieces that are also comfortable to wear, and I’m really pleased with the results.