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Meet the KFC heiress who is now the Queen of luxury lingerie

Madame Methven

Fashion designer, model, public figure, so what’s next for the KFC heiress? Kaila Methven, the face and brains behind potentially the world’s most expensive lingerie label, has proven time and time again that nothing stands in her way to success.

Kaila is a force to be reckoned with, and is proof that hard work and determination can get you anywhere. Kaila hopes that through her line women feel sexy and empowered, and as she said, “with only a panty you can delight the senses.”

Designs by her company, Madame Methven, have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Love, and the buxom beauty has modeled the sultry attire herself for the likes of Maxim, Most and Femme.

Alexis Day from our good friends at Contour Luxury Magazine sat down with Kaila to find out a little more about the luxury lingerie brand the whole world is currently talking about.

Madame Methven
The Madame Methven brand could potentially be the world’s most expensive lingerie label

As a Parisian-trained fashion designer, you’ve studied in some of the most distinguished fashion schools in Europe. During your training was there anything specific that led your direction towards lingerie design?

It was most likely the red light district, the cabaret shows, the burlesque shows, seeing all the beautiful women, food, culture, traveling, art, I was always fascinated by the romanticism of every country.

The Madame Methven brand is a dominatrix statement in and of itself. Not only does it exude female confidence and command, we wholeheartedly agree that it effortlessly weaves female power into haute couture lingerie. Please share with us what spawned this dominance concept?

In 1312 Venice hosted the first masquerade ball and it was a symbol of celebration for many who were in season to trade silk with China. August 11th actually was the first masquerade ever hosted. For the entire year people would spend hours on their costumes, making them the most outrageous, eccentric, color blinding costumes. Every detail was magnificent, from the lace, to the dental, to the silk ribbons, everything was perfected to attend the masquerade ball now. Know this, it just wasn’t Italy who was going, anyone, from anywhere, whether you were the Princess of France or a peasant from Spain, everyone all over Europe prepared and voyaged for this magical night at the ball.

The only rule was that you had to wear a mask. And, there was no invitation needed, just a costume and mask. The ball was decorated with the finest flowers, music, costumes, everything was ravishing, yet it wasn’t your typical ball, but a surprise at the end of the night. Yes, you could be whoever you wanted to be, you would please anyone sexually as you desired, and the ravishing night turned into a love making journey. This is originally where the term Orgy started. A lot of my designs come from that place.

I would say, if there was an occasion it would when you truly wanted to spend detail and time in expressing your sexuality. But truthfully, there is no real occasion to wear my lingerie. The feeling of wearing Madame Methven should be an everyday feeling for her and for him.

Madame Methven
Kaila’s luxury lingerie range has already been featured in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Love

Your prêt a porter collections include Latrodectus, known as the black widow, and your equally stunning Mademoiselle. What female personas did you envision when designing each of these collections?

Our collection is designed to allow women to explore and identify with her own sexual persona. We talk about how most women have a side to them that is proper and “normal”. But we also talk about the wild even aberrant sexuality and sensuality that we all have. A dark side even, that is dominating, controlling, assertive and a submissive side that is normal and conventional. We feel we will have been successful if we were able to help women find their own identifiable sexual appeal even bringing the dominating side out if that’s what it is. Bringing out the playful side of that’s what it is. We are big on role playing and experiential design which allows women and their men or women to experience something truly otherworldly.

Madame Methven’s Made to Adore lingerie collection is a personalized elite shopping experience for women, complemented with a luxurious custom fitting in their homes. Are there specific areas where this service is offered?

It can be offered in the comfort of your home, in a hotel, in my showroom dtla, its mostly like what my clients are comfortable with.

Made with the finest lace and textiles from Paris, laden with gold, Tahitian pearls, colored and pure diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, and with a piercing attention to detail, Madame Methven’s lingerie brand is certainly among world’s, if not the world’s most expensive lingerie. What is the timeline for creating such intricate works of art?
Anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the custom piece, size, order of diamonds, how long it takes the material to get made, but no more than a 3 months turn around.

Madame Methven
Kaila’s interest in haute couture was sparked in the “City of Lights,” where at the age of 16 she interned at a Paris fashion show at the Trocadero, home to the Palais de Chaillot

We have no doubt your new bridal collection will be stunning as it will showcase an expression of innocence in provocative high-end lingerie. Can you give us a verbal sneak peek into this alluring new collection?

I truly want the bridal collection to be a discovery for everyone so I will keep the verbal sneak peek for myself and you will get back to me and how amazed you are by this collection.

Madame Methven has rightfully garnered much praise and attention in the lingerie and fashion world. What is next for Madame Methven?

We are working on a few projects that have never been seen yet. However the only thing I will say is : be ready to be high on Methven 😉