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Men’s style for every formal occasion

When it comes to men’s style, the phrase ‘dress code’ can often be more associated with workplace rules than a guideline of how to dress for formal events. Though a good suit will carry you through a myriad of occasions, a ‘one suit fits all’ mentality is not necessarily the best way to approach your styling choices for upscale celebrations and ceremonies.

Gone are the days with strict dress codes for all social events, but as a modern man, you could consider each chance to get suited and booted as an opportunity to flex your fashion muscles. After all, it’s high time every man knew the difference between formal and semi formal, and of course the difference between a wedding suit and tuxedo.

Here’s Luxury Lifestyle Magazine’s roundup of men’s styling tips for occasions when a suit doesn’t quite cut it…

Formal wedding

Nowadays, weddings come in all shapes and sizes – and naturally, this also means a huge variation in what is considered acceptable dress. Despite all the beach, barn and country weddings, there are still couples who want to celebrate their marriage in the most traditional of ways with a formal wedding. In these cases, opt for classic morning wear with a tailcoat, but you can skip the top hat.

A waistcoat should be worn, either single or double breasted, and a stiff-collar, white or two-tone shirt. To keep in line with your classic look, you could wear either a cravatte or a tie, keeping the patterns/colour fairly traditional so as not to upstage the groom (or the bride!). Inject a little personality with a houndstooth or pinstripe pair of morning trousers which sit just above the shoes – leaving space for a jazzy sock to show through.

Casino night

Poople make bets gambiling at the roulette table in the casino.

A night at the casino is all about glitz and glamour; after all, you could well find yourself rubbing shoulders with rich and famous, so it pays to look your best.

Whilst not all casinos have a strict dress code, most will require fairly formal attire. Our best advice? Dress to the nines,and you can’t go wrong. Try evoking some old-school glamour by taking inspiration from Hollywood icons of the past – it’s a look that’s guaranteed to impress.

If you don’t want to opt for classic black tie attire, consider trying a more modern take on glamour with a roll neck jumper under a double-breasted blazer, and team with a well-tailored pair of designer trousers. Jewel tones work well in this setting, while layering tactile, textured fabrics like velvet and silk can help to create that luxury feel.

For a comprehensive view of the different kinds of dress codes that are acceptable in top rated casinos, visit Top10 Casino. These guidelines are not carved in stone, and high-end gamblers may at times break the rules to go incognito, so as not to give themselves away at the tables – but of course, this very much depends on the player’s spend, and only if you’re prepared to splash the cash will the casino turn a blind eye.

Take some time to brush up on the rules, and you’ll be well prepared for your next visit to a luxury casino. Remember, first impressions are everything – and from your shoes to your accessories, every last detail counts.

The races

Horse racing at York race course showing riders nearing finishing post.

As the races take place during the daytime, events like this are a great opportunity to show more of your personality and style flair. One can easily wear a traditional suit, as well as a separate jacket and chino trousers. Loafers, or monkstrap shoes, should be worn rather than a dress shoe. Even though the overall look is slightly more casual, a stylish man might fit a pocket square in a surprising print, or a contrasting colour to a brightly colourd blazer. If you are wearing a pocket square, you might choose to not wear a tie – which works well with a less formal shirt such as a Cuban collar or camp collar shirt.


Whether you are in the position of interviewer or interviewee, occasions like this are really the only formal situation where a plain suit and tie is the only advisable outfit choice. Keep it simple with a classic suit and shirt in muted colours, a white pocket square, formal laced shoes and an interesting tie – it can be the perfect ice-breaker or conversation starter. Match black shoes with a grey suit, and brown shoes with a blue suit. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Depending on the industry you work in, the nature of the office and work culture, a two piece suit may not actually be very suitable. In more creative fields you may feel at liberty to dress less traditionally, and one way to do this may be to invest in a classic suit in an unexpected colour, such as burgundy, forest green, or dusty blue.

Gala dinner

Close-up of a gentleman wearing Black Tie straightens his bowtie.

For black tie events such as gala dinners, charity balls and more, you should reach for a black tuxedo. A lot of classic suits have a notch lapel, so to add a touch of elegance, perhaps consider a shawl or peak lapel in grosgain or silk. Match your lapel to the material and pattern of your bow-tie, which will be hand tied, naturally… This high class look doesn’t stop at the feet – a pair of black patent oxfords are classic enough to be worn for a multitude of occasions, while a patterned pair of slipper loafers will catch just the right sort of attention. If a black tuxedo seems altogether too mainstream for your style, why not wear a velvet jacket, or the trend-of-the-minute, a midnight blue tuxedo.