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New Year, New You: Exquisite & eco-conscious swimwear from MAARÏ will make you feel fabulous on the beach in 2018

By Melanie Kruger on 2nd January 2018

With the new year looming and the mad preparation for bikini season soon to begin, it’s never too early to start planning ahead for your next getaway – especially if you’re planning on soaking up some winter sun.

Whilst many of us dread squeezing into our swimwear after a Christmas period filled with over-indulgence, choosing the right bikini for your body shape will flatter you in all the right places – and better still, with the plethora of beautiful options currently on the market, you can become the envy of the beach, too.

The Circe one piece has hypnotic detail​s​ throughout​ that make of it a very techinical luxury designer ​swimsuit

Of course, knowing where to start in the bid to track down that perfect garment can prove tricky, but when it comes to exquisitely cut, beautifully designed, eco-conscious swimwear, Italian luxury brand, MAARÏ Porto Cervo ticks all the right boxes. Created by two dreamers raised on the stunning shores of Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, MAARÏ operates on the principles of preserving nature and giving back to society. Professing that ‘Summer is not simply a season; it’s a state of mind’, the brand takes inspiration from the sea, vivid beach sunsets and starry nights of this paradise isle to create special swimwear that promises to have you beach-ready and feeling your best the moment you put it on. It’s elegant femininity, on a mission – what more could you possibly want from a swimsuit?

“MAARÏ stands for ‘Sea’ in ancient Sardinian language and carries the honest and intense soul of the island,” say Maria and Federica, the brand’s founders. “Authenticity shaped for the brave and strong woman that feels the sea calling and never denies it her presence.”

The Italian fabrics hug and flatter the figure while the hypnotic motif continues on the back

Each and every swimsuit is handmade in Italy by a team of skilled artisans, who boast over 50 years of experience in the swimwear and haute couture industry between them. Using environmentally friendly fabrics selected due to their exquisite quality, high performance and wearability, the range is sophisticated, comfortable, and all-round beautiful, with smart seams, and figure-flattering, modern cuts. With a selection of stunning suits to choose from, each one simply oozes elegance. It’s tempting to fill your beach wardrobe with them all.

As if the brand’s beautiful swimwear wasn’t enough, MAARÏ is one of the growing flurry of brands starting to take its environmental responsibility very seriously, and prides itself on making and manufacturing its garments in a way that does its bit to look after the planet.

The Diana is an elegant bandeau style swimsuit with ​sinuous​V neck-to-hip line

“We know that natural resources are precious, this is why we devote ourselves to preserving and improving the health of our oceans by using 100% eco-sustainable luxurious Italian fabrics,” explain the co-founders. “The regenerative process that gives life to our fabrics guarantees the lowest environmental impact because it continues forever. We are doing our part in this world by creating responsible swimwear and beachwear and reducing our environmental footprint to the absolute minimum.”

They add: “We rely on research and innovation to save our planet – a little blue dot in the universe. We value human capital, believe in fairness and full transparency, which is why our garments are designed and manufactured with care and carry the distinctive characteristics of the Made in Italy heritage.”

Myth inspired​,​ ​the Ariadne ​swimsuit​ has ​a modern intricate design on t​he top​. Delicate bikini pant​s​ with adjustable ties on both sides, mini metal gold rings, low cut for minimal coverage and sublime suntan

But it’s not just the manufacturing process that sets this brand apart from the rest; the ‘Conscious Collection’ is, surprisingly, made from fishnets that have been abandoned in our oceans, and reborn again as quality virgin fabric. Surprised? So were we.

It might sound a little unusual, but just one look at the range is enough to dispel any fears of looking like the Little Mermaid gone wrong. The figure-flattering fabric looks every bit as luxurious as you might hope, featuring seamless bonding to eliminate stitch lines and create a smooth silhouette. Offering comfort, confidence and a perfectly sculpted shape thanks to meticulously created designs, each one feels extremely soft and silky to the touch, and ups the ante even further by boasting UPF 50+ UV protection factor.

The fierce Lea​ is the classic triangle bikini with a twist​: ​diamond design bikini top ​and​ ​d​elicate mini bikini pants with double line design on both sides​. Way to rock a classic under the summer sun

MAARÏ also donates a percentage of profits to social NGOs that clean water for those in need, through short and long-term solutions worldwide.

There’s something nice about knowing your swimsuit was made for you alone, and MAARÏ certainly knows how to make its customers feel unique. Creating garments only on request, the brand uses a pre-order structure to offer customers exclusivity, making sure that each swimsuit is as unique as the woman wearing it. No need to fear rocking up in the same suit as everyone else on the beach, then – which is always a relief!

Grace. This romantic heartknotted bandeau bikini is synonym of regal elegance on the shore

It all sounds great on paper, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Thankfully, this is one brand that certainly doesn’t disappoint, from the look, feel and fit of its garments right down to the attitude with which they are made.

Shopping for swimwear can be a traumatic experience for many, but once you find the right swimsuit, there’s no going back – and MAARÏ has got everything it takes to make you feel all-round fabulous on the beach this year.

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