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New year, new you: Three quarters of men set to make beauty resolutions for 2019

A new survey conducted by leading men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has found that 73% of men are planning to make grooming resolutions in 2019. But what’s the underlying purpose for all this grooming? According to 67% of the 2,018 surveyed men, it’s about improving their chances of finding a new partner, or impressing a current one.

The survey also revealed that 48% are fixed on finding a fresh new hairstyle, with celebrity influencers such as David Beckham being the driving force. Meanwhile, 33% want to grow designer stubble or a beard.

73% of men are planning to make grooming resolutions in 2019, the survey found

“We currently live in a very social-media savvy world,” says Bradley Wicks – Head of Content and Social Media at The Bluebeards Revenge. “As a result, men are finally starting to learn the benefits of self-grooming – whether that’s looking after their skin, the hair on the heads, their beards, or even hair in other, more private, regions! We’re always advertising ourselves in today’s society and we work hard at branding ourselves; creating an image that we want to portray to friends, family and fancies.”

With the above in mind, it comes as no great surprise to hear that barbers find themselves inundated with new style requests from their regulars in the early weeks of January. “A new hairstyle is one of the quickest and easiest resolutions to tick off the list,” says Barbershop Manager Callum Marks. “Unlike eight months of hard work in the gym, a haircut can drastically change the look and feel of a man in 45 minutes.

“At Luka’s Barbers in Plymouth, Devon, we definitely see an influx of men more willing to switch up their style in January. It’s funny; because just weeks before they wouldn’t have dared to consider a restyle. But the start of a new year seems to change their mentality. It’s refreshing too as it often gives me a chance to show them what else is out there for their face shape and personality.”

The survey revealed that 48% are fixed on finding a fresh new hairstyle this year

Current trends are seeing men adopt slightly longer hairstyles in 2019. In fact, 60% of the men that answered yes to changing their haircut in The Bluebeards Revenge’s survey suggested that their new look would be of medium to medium-long length.

“Longer hairstyles are now associated with ‘rebellious cool’ and are the results of celebrity influences,” says Wicks. “Great examples include the long locks of Jason Momoa in Aquaman, the disconnected lengths of Chris Hemsworth’s hair and the always-trendy styles of David Beckham.”

The improved standards and skills of barbers are also making them the go-to stylists for men. 47% of men say that they will regularly visit a barbershop in 2019 over a hairdressing salon, a mobile appointment, or cutting their hair themselves.

Aside from the hair on their heads, 33% of men are planning to embrace more rugged designer stubbles or fully-fledged beards in 2019. This continues the current trends that have seen the shaving market slashed by millions in recent years.

Beards continue to grow as 33% of men are planning to embrace more rugged designer stubbles or fully-fledged beards in 2019

“Designer stubbles, in particular, are decorating the faces of men, helping to enhance stronger jaw lines and creating a new smart-casual vibe that’s been accepted as office etiquette,” says Marks. These kinds of style require regular maintenance, making electric beard trimmers and beard oils two of the bestselling facial hair accessories in 2019.

Wicks added: “The dawn of a New Year comes with a million self-set challenges. All over the world people are desperately trying to cut down on their bad habits: booze, food, and spending being among the most popular.

“But, ultimately, these aspirations are about improving a person’s physical appearance and mental wellbeing – making grooming and styling resolutions one of the fastest growing trends. This, combined with the incentives advertised to us by influencers and product brands, is creating an exciting landscape for men’s grooming in 2019.”