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Old Style Dating: A return to tradition means dressing to impress

The dating scene in 2018 is often a minefield thanks to the plethora of dating apps now readily available for those looking to find a match, and for many, it’s a stressful and often frustrating experience trying to navigate them. From over-eager swipers and unsolicited sleazy messages, to dates which just don’t measure up, if a string of unsuccessful dates has left you disheartened and ready to throw in the towel, it may be time to give the traditional approach one last try.

Nope, we’re not talking about sitting around and waiting for ‘the one’ to walk into your life, but a novel new dating website which promises to cut out the time wasters and heartbreakers.

Having launched in February of this year, Old Style Dating may be a relative newcomer on the scene when compared with some of the veteran apps out there, but it’s already starting to attract attention for all the right reasons. The newly launched site is expecting scores of singles to sign up to its services as many grow tired of the modern dating game – and fed up with time wasters and impolite types, find themselves only willing to communicate with those equally serious about finding love.

Old Style Dating is expecting scores of singles to sign up to its services as many grow tired of the modern dating game

“In this day and age, it can be really difficult to meet someone you actually like, and dating apps are an incredible way to open yourself up to greater possibilities,” says Dennise Smith, founder of Old Style Dating. “But not everyone has the time or the inclination to go on an endless stream of often unpleasant dates, and it’s a sad fact of life that people aren’t always treated with the respect they deserve. Old Style Dating is all about a return to the standards upheld in the past, when manners were important and respect was everything.

“I came up with the idea for Old Style Dating when I wanted to find my beautiful daughter a decent guy. She’d tried all the other sites and was feeling fed up. She may be strong and independent, but she still wants to meet a gentleman.”

Taking a more honest and refined approach to dating, the site only accepts applicants who are respectable and looking for serious relationships, meaning there’s no longer any need to sit through pointless message after pointless message only to find that you’re on entirely different pages – again. Instead, you just find your match, arrange your date – and then, of course, decide what on earth you’re going to wear!

Old Style Dating takes a more honest and refined approach to dating

Dressing to Impress

Got an old-style date coming up and not sure what to wear? The experts at Old Style Dating have shared their advice for getting it right first time – so here’s to a second date, and a third!

Finding someone you like enough to go on a date with is a challenge in itself, but once the day and time are pencilled in and you’ve agreed on a venue, all that’s left to decide is what you’re going to wear. Dressing to impress is crucial, as while looks certainly aren’t everything, it’s fair to say that first impressions definitely do count. Numerous studies have revealed that we form an opinion of someone new within just moments of meeting them, whether intentionally or not – so your choice of outfit could have a bigger impact than you think.

Dennise says that choosing a sharp outfit for your first date is bound to set you off on the right foot.

“Making an effort shows that you respect your date and think that they’re worth it, and it also shows that you have respect for yourself. These days, it can be all too tempting to dress down – particularly due to the belief that if you feel comfortable, you’ll be more relaxed – but actually, you can have it both ways, and a return to the traditional approach doesn’t have to mean going overboard.”

Dennise Smith
Dennise Smith is the founder of Old Style Dating

So, what does Dennise recommend? You can’t go wrong with smart casual – as long as the emphasis is more on the smart than it is the casual, of course.

She explains: “Unless you’re going to a particularly formal restaurant or show, suits and ballgowns won’t be necessary, so choose an outfit that is both smart and comfortable. Remember, it’s the details that count, so take care not to ruin a well put together outfit with a pair of tatty old shoes or a worn handbag.

“Everyone should have a few wardrobe staples – well-cut pieces in monochromes and neutrals that will go with anything. A simple yet sophisticated outfit can easily be dressed up – whether it’s with a sharp jacket, a statement coat or a nice piece of jewellery.”

The key takeaway? Make the effort and wear something that makes you feel like a million dollars – and with an old-style date, you can expect to be treated like it, too.