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Watch Review: Franck Miller Aeternitas Mega 4

We caught up with watch expert, Kevin Reynolds on his favourite time piece

Franck Miller Aeternitas Mega 4

Luxury watch writer Justin Bullock caught up with watch expert, Kevin Reynolds, on his favourite time piece.

Almost every day I get asked by people “What is your favourite time piece?” Well, quite simply it is the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4. Why? Well, this may surprise watch connoisseurs, but first and foremost it is not the complications, fine craftsmanship or any of the technical detail about this amazing creation, although they are all stunning in their own right. No, instead I am going to set aside my professional views and be brutally honest – I just love the look, the touch and form of the Mega 4 – it’s the most beautiful watch I have ever seen.

In my profession I see countless magnificent time pieces every day. I touch them and wear them, but it’s fair to say I sometimes take even the finest of clockwork creations for granted, like a Ferrari salesman might sometimes forget how privileged they are to be working with such exquisite examples of engineering. I can honestly say I have never had that feeling with the Mega 4.

I had the pleasure of wearing this masterpiece last week, found myself checking the time every couple of minutes, and still ended up falling in love with it over and over again each time. At the end of the day, I carefully placed it back in its box, and had to admire it some more. I just couldn’t bring myself to pry my eyes away from its face, it stirred in me that fuzzy feeling in my stomach – anyone, from prince to pauper, would be proud to be wearing this amazing watch on their arm.

The masterpiece of engineering was designed and manufactured by the Franck Muller Group at Watchland, overlooking Lake Geneva, considered the cradle of horology since the 15th century. The watch was launched in 2010, with 36 complications, 1483 components and 99 jewels, and that’s just where the technological genius of the timepiece starts. I could spend many more hours detailing the tourbillon, the movement and the complications.

However, my favourite features of the watch include some of its quirks. For example, the Mega 4 astronomic moon phases are displayed on the dial with the utmost precision.

Likewise, the Grande Sonnerie (Grand strike) strikes the hours and quarters automatically, with a distinctive feature of chiming the same notes as the clock tower of Westminster Cathedral. For instance, at 3.15pm the wearer will hear three low pitched sounds (din din din) followed by the first four notes of the Westminster chines (mi do re sol).

The watch is the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking, and represents a climax in the profession post the early 90’s, when the famed industry hit a slump due to the quartz movement. However, Franck Muller focused purely on mechanical watches with complications, and this beautiful time piece demonstrates their exquisite gifts and innovations in the art of Haute horology. It has put Swiss clockwork back to its undisputed place as the best in the world.

The Aeternitas Mega 4 has reinforced the brand’s label as the ‘Master of Complications’ and is an exceptional timepiece, with a price tag of £1.8 million, placing it firmly in the top echelons of the watch market.

Kevin Reynolds is the spokesperson from Monaco Diamonds and Watches.