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One product that you want to even your skin tone & pigmentation!

There’s one quote that I just can’t get out of my head, “the greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette” (Henry S. Haskins). I always view everyone’s face as a wonderful masterpiece; a beautiful product of nature’s talents and it’s so appropriate to view the face as a masterpiece full of pigments. But I think it’s safe to say that there are some pigments that we just don’t want to develop on our face: those dark spots and hyperpigmentation!

In the past, hyperpigmentation and dark spots were just things women and girls lived with and accepted. But as scientific research progresses more and more for skincare, there are a variety of product options to help alleviate the growth of uneven skin and skin tone.

MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum (£245.00)

Before you become dizzy at the thought of splurging that much on a serum let me elaborate. For many years I have dealt with dark spots, pigmentation and hyperpigmentation as it is just part-and-parcel of Asian and dark-coloured skin. Some parts of my face are one colour while other parts are another colour and so when I want to have a makeup-free day, I can get a little conscious of the uneven skin tone. While I am an advocate of being confident in one’s skin, sometimes you want a little perfection in your life! I do not advocate extreme or invasive procedures so I look for products that can help with my skin concerns.

When it comes to hyperpigmentation or dark spots, you want a product that is potent enough to absorb right into the first layer of skin and start to work on a cellular level to ensure that your skin is even in tone. Ingredients such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid help in achieving even skin tone but they can often come at a price! There are many high-end products on the market that do little in making a true difference to the skin but the exception to this is the MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect Serum. Never have I seen my skin more even in colour and texture until I started using this.

MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum (£245.00)
MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum (£245.00)

What the brand says?

The serum, ‘encompasses the brand’s signature combination of luxurious textures and results-driven ingredients. It is formulated with clinically-proven brighteners to target existing dark spots and inhibit the production of future pigmentation.’

The science behind it

There are four key characteristics of this serum that helps it to, ‘work instantly to reveal a brighter, smoother and more even skin tone.’ These are:

  • 10% concentration of Vitamin C, that protects against premature ageing by boosting collagen production and forming a barrier to UV light.
  • A peptide-rich formula, that reduces age spots and pigmentation. It also creates a barrier against environmental aggressors.
  • Azelaic Acid, that stops the formation of an enzyme known as Tyrosinase to control the production of melanin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate to increase moisture retention in your skin

Essentially it is a potent mix of substantive ingredients that will propel your skin to a clarity level that you thought was impossible.

My Experience

You know me, I’m always a sceptic when it comes to products that promise a great deal especially when it has a high price-point. I had heard a lot about MZ Skincare and its founder Dr Maryam Zamani but I never really thought to invest in it. But as I grow older I realise how important it is to keep my skin healthy and if it means using products that are strong enough to make a real difference then so be it.

I remember the first time I dispensed a small amount of the serum I was so careful not to waste a drop! I then mixed it with my moisturiser and applied it to my face in the morning. Every time I walked past a mirror during the day my skin would increasingly glow. It looked soft and felt soft and it felt wonderfully nourished. I was astonished! Seeing results as instantly as just a few hours after use definitely made this product worthwhile. As I continued to use it each morning for around three months I saw a huge difference to my skin’s complexion as well as clarity. The dark spots and hyperpigmentation was also fading. What’s even better about this serum is that it acts as an effective primer, to not only protect my skin from makeup clogging my pores but as a flat base so that my makeup settles nicely.

If there was ever a high-end product that you should invest in, it would definitely be the MZ Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum. As we grow older we become a lot more conscious of skin concerns especially dark spots and hyperpigmentation and by using this serum you can ease into those older years with grace and relaxation. This product transcends the idea of vanity and is more of a tool to protect your skin and to make you feel a lot better and a lot more content with the overall condition of your skin. Consider this beauty investment as one that will keep you healthier and happier.

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