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Perfect gifts for a hipster: Quick suggestions for quirky men

Choosing the right gift for a friend or family member can prove a challenging task, especially if they have some quite specific tastes. If you have a bohemian friend or partner who is quite the hipster at heart– and therefore averse to anything mainstream – then just where do you start with zeroing in on that perfect birthday surprise?

Thankfully, there are plenty of gifts that are sure to impress even the most difficult to please. Unique, modern, and well ahead of the cultural curve, they simultaneously give a nod to the cool of times gone by. From antiques, suits and glasses to vinyl, pocket watches and beard products, we’ve rounded up some of the best hipster gift ideas to get you started. You can thank us later!

Antiques are always welcome

The hipster is immensely attracted to the quality and beauty of vintage items, so hunting them down a unique antique is a great way to go. Hipsters are mostly focused on being individual and have a sharp eye for aesthetics; them, an antique isn’t just about its value, but rather, class and style. One-of-a-kind antique pieces such as a pocket watch or hip flask from the past are a great way to express personality and individuality – but be smart and look for something that is classic, and that you’d never be able to find elsewhere. How about a piece of high-quality furniture for their home? It’s a gift they won’t expect, and one that keeps on giving.

man with beard
A hipster isn’t a hipster without a statement beard or moustache

Hipsters are in love with suits

The hipster loves to make a statement through the way that he dresses, looking classy, serious, and in a sartorial league of their own. Self-awareness and self-appreciation are what it’s all about, and you can’t go wrong with a sharp suit. Thom Browne, Engineered Garments, are all great places to start – look for something quirky yet smart, with a little bit of an edge.

The stereotypical hipster might dream of being a writer, musician or artists – so look for influences from their ideal careers and you’ll find it easy to nail down their perfect suit.

Glasses make the ultimate statement

Avoid any glasses that will make them look basic. The hipster prefers to look authentic, expressing the extent to which they care for both culture and fashion. Hipster glasses tend to feature unique shapes and designs to make them stand out – not the kind you’ll find in your local store. Creativity and unconventional progressiveness with a dash of adventure is the right recipe. Go for the type of glasses that Bob Dylan used to wear, add some modern colors and shapes, and voila – you’ll have the perfect gift.

Avoid any glasses that will make them look basic

Beard products are simply a must

A hipster isn’t a hipster without a statement beard or moustache, so buy him some great grooming products so he can keep his looking its best. You can’t go wrong with old-fashioned shaving soaps, especially those that are paraben-free and PH-balanced. Portland Shave Soap, along with a lathering shave bowl and a brush will make for a really nice gift that is sure to put a smile on his face, or try some beard oils or Hilee natural beard shampoo. If you can show that you understand the importance of his beard, then you’re onto a winner.

Hip flask for the ultimate stylish look

Many hipsters enjoy a good drop of alcohol, but they despise the annoyingly expensive liquor prices that go with it – especially when it comes to big events. To help him avoid spending lots of cash on expensive drinks, surprise him with a stylish hip flask – they look classy, cool, and serve a highly practical purpose, too. Here are some different types of flasks to give you some ideas.

The hipster loves to make a statement through the way that he dresses

Vinyl music will win him over

Vinyl is well and truly making a comeback, and every hipster worth his salt has probably invested in a record player in recent years. Why not buy him some vinyl to add to his collection of quirky tunes – or better yet, a vinyl membership? Such a subscription service gives him a chance to access some of the best records out there throughout the year. Carefully curated records, a wide selection, and of course, the chance to be seen as king of the indie scene – what more could he possibly ask for?

A pocket watch is a suave and sophisticated statement

Hipsters have made the pocket watch cool again. Retro, vintage but with a tech-savvy and modern twist, the pocket watch would be a fine addition to their vintage collection, adding a suave and sophisticated edge to any sharp outfit. Since these are extremely popular now thanks to the rise of hipsterdom, it’s bound to be a welcome gift – even celebrity hipster, Justin Timberlake sports one, which speaks volumes.