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Dr Kishan R Raichura

Pressing pause on facial ageing with Dr Kishan

By Felicity Williams on 7th January 2018

Dr Kishan R Raichura is a cosmetic doctor and dental surgeon, who can be found at Regency Aesthetics – a clinic that offers a diverse range of treatments from dermal fillers to laser hair removal in the heart of Marylebone, London.

An expert in his field, Dr Krishan makes years of experience ensures his customers are offered the very best when it comes to the latest beauty treatments in the city.

Tell us about your background…

Before becoming a Cosmetic Doctor, I worked for many years in Maxillofacial Surgery, which is the surgery of the Head and Neck. Doctors in this specialty have to hold qualifications in Medicine and Dental Surgery, and have a robust understanding of facial anatomy.

Ultimately, I left this surgical career path, and I chose to practice Aesthetic Medicine, because it draws on my key strengths (I think so anyway!) of anatomical knowledge, artistic appreciation of beauty and good looks, fine manual dexterity and communicating with patients how they can achieve the best results.

Regency Aesthetics
Regency Aesthetics is based in central London

How did you get into the industry?

I started training in Medical Aesthetics, nearly 15 years ago, while working in facial surgery, using Injectables for treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Then I trained to provide these treatments for aesthetic improvement, helping people look their best, and in many cases to “press pause” on the ageing process.

Who is your patient?

My patient is the kind of person who wants to live and look their best, someone who understands that coming to me will not give them an unnatural look or features that don’t suit them. Female and increasingly, more and more male patients come to me exactly for the reason because they want to look good, not plastic! Even better, the patients I love working with are those that take a holistic approach to their looks and healthy living, and are open to my suggestions about how to make tweaks to their lifestyle. These are my patients that achieve maximum Aesthetic results alongside their optimum health results.

Which treatments can you recommend for us going into winter?

Worldwide, it is wrinkle smoothing treatments (such as Botox – the most well known of the brands) that are the most popular way to soften the visible signs of ageing in the Upper Face. I recommend that it is equally important to address those signs of ageing in the Midface and Lower Face. I use specially selected injected Bio-Revitalisation treatments in these zones to stimulate collagen and elastin production (the important supporting proteins in the skin) as well as provide deep levels of hydration that lasts for months at a time. The latest news from our clinic is that we are combining these Bio-Revitalisation treatments with an externally applied Skin Repairing Peel in an exciting new protocol that gives ultimate skin restoring results (Regency Royal Flash) and also tackles surface irregularities, such as excess Pigmentation, poor skin texture, dullness and acne too.

Regency Aesthetics
Regency Aesthetics is a clinic that offers a diverse range of treatments from dermal fillers to laser hair removal in the heart of Marylebone, London

Do you have an ultimate favourite treatment and why?

Aside from our soon to be launched new Regency Royal Flash protocol above, my absolute favourite is our Regency Restructure signature facial Injectable treatment. I use a combination of varying amounts of different Dermal Filler formulations to restore dermal support, thereby enhancing your best features and lift the skin from the facial skeleton for the most youthful and restored look. I love this because, in the ageing process, the lines and wrinkles we see in the mirror are actually mainly caused by loss of fat, skeletal support and thinning of the skin. With this quickly delivered treatment we can help with all levels of this ageing process and make our patients look their absolute best.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

If you ask any artist what they love, I imagine they might answer similarly to me. The major part of it is being “in flow”, creating with my art, and using my own unique talents to make a difference, however small and subtle but still significant for my patients. I love using the human face as a raw canvas and uncovering the beautiful features that might have been hidden or lost with the facial ageing. I love the actual “doing” of using my artistic ability and combining it with my strong background of anatomical knowledge to create the best (and safest) treatments for my male and female patients. Finally, seeing the end result and the reaction of my patient is truly an awesome feeling. I feel uniquely lucky (and grateful) to have a career that gives me rewards like this on a daily basis.