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Pucker up: Eight ways to achieve perfect valentines lips


Having soft peachy lips that look and feel great is arguably the best valentines accessory, and they can be achieved with simple tweaks to daily beauty routines.

Hair care and beauty experts at have listed eight simple ways to get perfect, fuller and kissable lips for Valentines Day. They say that a daily routine of light lip exfoliation and intensive moisturising will set people well on the way to a perfect pout.

Priming lips with lip balm and a toothbrush every day before putting on make up will achieve softer lips that look fuller too. And regularly applying steam lightly to the face and drinking plenty of water are some of the ways to keep lips hydrated. Apparently handy highlighter tricks and a moisturising lippy can work wonders when it comes to making your pout pop.

Joanne Dodds, from, said: “Lovely soft and healthy lips are great to wear all year round, but you could argue that they’re most important on Valentines day. Getting soft and fuller lips is easy, all you need to do is include these care tips in an every day beauty routine.

“In no time at all you’ll be puckering up with a pair of beautiful peach-soft lips. As well as feeling great, lipstick applies much more evenly to lips that are conditioned and smooth. “

Opt for moisturising lipsticks rich in nourishing agents such as jojoba

Here is the guide to perfect lips:

1. Exfoliate, sugar
Exfoliate your lips lightly every night. You can do this with sugar and honey or petroleum jelly. Use your finger to lightly buff away dead skin, don’t scrub too hard.

2. Moisturise away
Apply a moisture-rich lip balm or petroleum jelly after you’ve exfoliated lips every night. Avoid applying too much – just a light layer is enough.

3. Mask the lips
You can make your own lip mask with yoghurt and raw honey. Apply it twice a week to give lips a boost.

4. Get steamy
Steaming the face every now and again is a great way to open pores and clear skin, but it’s also great for lips. The steam hydrates lips and encourages circulation, so pop a tea towel over your head and sit over a bowl of hot water once a week / fortnight.

5. Prime time
You prime your face for foundation; get into the habit of priming lips in the morning too. Before applying lipstick use a toothbrush and lip balm to lightly buff in a circular motion, this will help circulation and make them smoother. Lightly dab with a tissue, you should notice that lips tend to look a bit fuller after priming.

make up
Lovely soft and healthy lips are great to wear all year round

6. Be picky with lippy
Opt for moisturising lipsticks rich in nourishing agents such as jojoba. We recommend Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte.

7. Make them glow
A handy trick to make lips appear naturally fuller is to very lightly press a very small amount of liquid illuminator to your cupids bow (top centre). It makes lips look dewy and gives more dimension. We recommend CID I-Illuminise liquid.

8. Drink, and then drink more
One of the best beauty tips there is: drinking lots of water throughout the day. It helps skin regeneration and condition, so it’s great for lips as well as your complexion.