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Q&A with Kirsti Shuba of Katherine Daniels Cosmetics

Kirsti Shuba

Kirsti Shuba is the Co-Founder of Katherine Daniels Cosmetics, which was developed to treat the main skin conditions and concerns seen in the best British salons and spas. With experience in the skincare industry for 27 years, there’s not much that Shuba doesn’t know about skincare… 

How did you get started in the industry?
I was bought up in the Beauty Industry, my father launched the first Mail Order Hair and Beauty Wholesalers back in 1977 – The House Of Famuir and subsequently introduced a lot of innovative products to the UK market, things like ear piecing guns and roller wax systems, even computerised hair perming systems in the late 80’s. I have been surrounded by products and brands that were under consideration to be launched into the UK market – make up was everywhere, which as a small girl was up there with being in a sweet shop!! History is repeating itself in our house with 2 small children – no product is safe from being tried and tested by Kitty (6) and Dan (3)! When I left school I did a secretarial course before going to study Beauty Therapy, the International qualification CIDESCO could not be undertaken unless you were over 18 years. After qualifying, I started my career as a beauty therapist, before moving into sales and then into marketing. I went to work with my father in his business in my late 20’s. At the time we distributed the French professional skincare brand G.M Collin and later an Italian brand called RVB – Katherine Daniels came later, a lot later, when I had the experience and a wish list for my own brand. I have collaborated with long term colleague and now great friend Donna Tait – we have worked together for over 15 years and together have over 65 years’ experience in the skincare Industry.

What is your career highlight to date?
I have 2! The first has been to create Katherine Daniels products and treatments, knowing that they can change the skin and allow men and women to feel more confident and more beautiful every day. The second is the opportunity to work with our first distributor in New Zealand- they are launching Katherine Daniels during the next 6 weeks!

Which was the first product you developed and how did it come about?
The first product was a mascara but that was for a different brand! It’s called CODE Beautiful and the mascara is called VLM (Volumising, Lengthening Mascara) – it’s still my favourite mascara and believe me I have tried pretty much everything on the market.  I still use it every day.

For Katherine Daniels the first product I had in my mind still hasn’t been launched!! – I think it was ahead of its time and ahead of the technology available – I’m hoping to get it market ready by the middle of 2017.

What are you top 3 favourite products and why?
This is a difficult question. The first is our newest launch from Katherine Daniels, The Urban Shield Concentrate. My skin is naturally dry but lifestyle, environment and climate makes it dehydrated.  The Urban Shield Concentrate takes care of skin dehydration instantly and keeps the hydration levels high over an 8-hour period. Apart from the moisturising complex in the product, it also forms a micromesh over the skin which shields from environmental pollution. I travel a lot, so both issues of dehydration and pollution effect my skin.

The second is most incredible blusher by Daniel Sandler – it’s called the Water Colour Cream Rouge Blusher. I use the Soft Bronze shade. It gives the most wonderful dewy affect to the cheek bones. I’m not one for touching up my makeup throughout the day (apart from a bit of lippy!) so this product works well for me, I find it lasts all day.

The third is a product by Resultime called Regenerating Collagen Gel – it’s a multi-tasking hero. You can use it as a serum or a mask, it makes a great makeup primer and an absolute must have as an after sun mask – the whole family can use it too.

Which is your go-to treatment to de-stress and unwind?
Definitely a facial for me, if your skin looks amazing you look less stressed and if you look less stressed, you feel less stressed. Definitely the Katherine Daniels Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating Treatment – it’s an 80-minute treatment from head to toe, and my skin always looks amazing after. 80 Minutes gives you enough time to unwind and feel like you’ve had ‘me time’

Do you have anything new coming up?
We are launching our Nurturing Night Balm later in the autumn. It’s an overnight treatment for very dry skin. It’s a balm to oil concentrate, which offers over- night recovery to very dry skin. It has the nutritive power of an oil, with the deep penetration of a serum. It’s packed with Omega oils and vitamins and helps to defend your skin against oxidative stress and environmental damage. Use it as a night treatment and in the morning your skin looks plump, supple and illuminated with health. We use rose oil in the formulation, which gives the product a wonderful comforting fragrance (as well as acting as a skin permeator to ensure all of the other ingredients can get in and do their job).