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Q&A with Shan Liew, Founder of Hearts In Harmony

Shan Liew

London-based property entrepreneur Shan Liew is the founder of Hearts in Harmony, the charity that unites anyone wanting to combine a passion for charity and a love of music, art and culture, to help fight heart disease in both children and adults.

Hearts in Harmony host events to celebrate music and creativity to raise money for multiple organisations associated with heart disease. Its inaugural event – Tasmin Little & Orpheus Sinfonia, held at iconic venue St John’s Smiths Square in Westminster, London, raised £8,888 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Here Editor Nick Gilmartin asks Shan why raising money for charity is good for the heart, and classical music good for the soul.

Nick: So Shan, tell us a little more about how the charity started…
Shan: I started the charity because my mother passed away in 2014 from a heart condition. It happened very suddenly and hit me hard. I miss my mother as she was a wonderful woman who loved lives, music and food. Hence in memory of my mother, I set up a charity to raise fund for heart related causes via music and creative channels.

Nick: And why are heart charities so important to you?
Shan: My mother suffered from heart disease. In my opinion heart is one of the most important organs in the entire human body. In fact it is probably the most vital organ; not only it pumps blood to the whole body to keep you alive, it is also the source of love. Hearts in Harmony supports heart charities to save lives i.e. save hearts to spread love. Love lives and live to love!

Shan says classical music is good for the soul

Nick: And why do you feel raising money for charity has holistic benefits?
Shan: The money raised would support a whole series of works and experts in the field from researches, doctors, nurses to benefit the patients and or victims from the start to the recovery and even after. The money should go on to support patients and not only medically but mentally and socially. On the other hand there are holistic benefits to donors too; when you donate money you save lives and you meet people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. This in turn reinvigorate your own lives!

Nick: In your view, what are the benefits of listening to classical music for your general wellbeing?
Shan: I love classical music as it is therapeutic; it calms you and helps to release everyday stress as well as to boost productivity.

Nick: What are your hopes for Hearts in Harmony?
Shan: We believe Hearts in Harmony will grow into a successful and sustainable charity that unites people through music and art. We aim to raise an auspicious amount of £88,888,888 that will improve and save many lives both here in the UK and in the world..

Nick: And finally, when can we go to your next event?
Shan: The next event for Hearts in Harmony will be a Christmas festival in London involving many performances from all different ages. Watch the space and please support us.