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Review: Anti-wrinkle injections at White Swan Aesthetics in Harley Street

Words by Sara Darling

I have never smoked. Yet I have accumulated an impressive range of upper lip smokers lines. Actually, I am holding my dear mother responsible, as she has exactly the same thing. And her mother too…

Sometimes, facial lines, traits, idiosynchronicity and habits are hereditary, but it doesn[‘t mean you can’t change them. With a thorough and realistic consultation with a professional clinic, all concerns can be addressed. However, without going under the knife, nothing will be permanent; But for niggles, that really niggle you, it is no wonder that injectables are the miracle cure for the 21st century.

My advice is go to someone who has been recommended, via someone whose work looks good to you. So if you want a natural touch up, you need to find a practitioner who is not needle heavy; Conversely, if you are after the Towie pout, track down a clinic in Essex, where nothing short of 200ml is frowned upon (or not)!

White Swan Aesthetics are based in Harley Street in London

I just wanted to tackle the smokers lines on my upper lip and Dr Imogen at the White Swan Clinic in Harley Street came with excellent credentials for subtle facial artistry! Although I had a thorough consultation, I got a bit lost with the ‘bunny nose’, ‘gummy smile’ and ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’ on offer, and just dipped my toes in with a small dose of Botox to numb my busy mouth, and stop my mouth frowning.

However if you are feeling a bit braver, there are advanced injectables to treat pretty much any common woe, and Dr Imogen has a wide selection of before and after pics of her clients to demonstrate.

Not knowing what to expect as I had never had my face punctured before, the initial jab was a shock, but there were only four of them, and the procedure was over within minutes. However I was warned that there might be bruising as a needle is piercing the sensitive skin is not an everyday occurance.

In retrospect, I think stopping at upper lip was ideal for my first venture into Botox, as I didn’t want to leave the clinic a changed woman (or look like I had been beaten up!) Thankfully, I didn’t have any repercussions. No bruising, or swelling, and I kept to my promise of no alcohol that night.

White Swan’s ethos is that a holistic, artistic and skilled approach to performing facial aesthetics is the secret to achieving dramatic anti-ageing results

I feared numbing my mouth area might affect my speech, so I kept a low profile on the train back to Brighton. However, the next day when I looked in the mirror, I kept pulling faces- there was something different, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it!

With complementary after care, all clients get a check up a week after treatment to see if the dose has been effective. I couldn’t be happier, and who knows, I might be tempted to try something else, when my Botox wears off in approximately three months….

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