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Review: Bliss Spa & Allure Salon at Waterstones Hotel, Mumbai in India

Bliss Spa & Allure Salon at Waterstones Hotel, Mumbai in India

The wellness industry in India is gaining rapid momentum these days. In fact if I have a choice between visiting a restaurant or a spa, I would go for the latter as it is really required these days to unwind and de-stress. Spas and wellness resorts are no more a luxury but a necessity these days given our hectic lifestyles and competitive work environment. Fortunately there are some excellent choices for spas in India these days.

One of my best spa experiences has been at the Waterstones Hotel and Club. At Bliss-The Spa, by Waterstones Club in Mumbai, be it the traditional Abhyanga or the soothing Swedish massage, a guest is introduced to every nuance of a therapy before actually experiencing it. It’s soothing designer spaces evoke the very core of one’s senses along with an all-encompassing line of therapies by masseurs and efficient spa therapists. As soon as one enters the spa and salon, the effect is relaxing owing to the soothing colours used to create these spaces. The spa is equipped with two rooms for females and two rooms for males along with a Jacuzzi, steam and sauna room to add to the overall experience.

Bliss Spa
The wellness industry in India is gaining rapid momentum

The efficient spa manager and therapists recommend some really unique spa treatments when I visited recently. The spa menu has been divided into massages, therapies and beauty treatments, the description of each listed down in detail. For the body, I tried the Waterstones wonder massage which is a unique blend of Eastern and Western techniques. This is a Thai style massage with yoga stretches combined with relaxing aroma therapy to increase body flexibility and to relax the mind.

For my face, I tried The Thalgo Purity Ritual Treatment is a basic clean-up for oily and acne-prone skin on your face that incorporates active, cell-energizing algae extracts and grapefruit extract to control the excess sebum production and to provide hydration. This treatment is for purifying and cleansing oily and acne-prone skin. The Collagen Smoothing Anti Aging Treatment for the face uses Marine collagen molecules which have an instant affinity with the skin and gives an immediate smoothing effect. After the treatment, the face has a clear radiance and fine lines are smoothed and erased.

The next day I chose to opt for The Marine Prelude (Ultra-exfoliation with Natural Marine Mud and Marine Salt), a deluxe-exfoliation treatment which combines natural sea salts and Dead Sea mud to effectively treat muscle pain, water retention and joint tensions is ideal. It eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness, refines skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating microcirculation. This treatment also includes a 10 minute foot reflexology as a part of the treatment.

Sharon Thomas, Spa Manager at Bliss-The Spa, said: “They say that if you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream”, that is exactly what our well trained spa therapists listen to at Bliss the Spa. Each treatment begins with the assessment of our guest needs so as to provide each guest with the treatments distinctively tailored to their needs. The products we use are recognized by their effectiveness as well as the oils used are rich in anti-oxidants, thus enhancing a complete wellness experience. To simply put, Bliss The Spa can be explained as an indulgence for the mind, body and soul.”

Locker Room at Bliss
Take a reprieve to indulge your senses at Bliss

A visit to the Allure Salon proved to be a pleasant experience owing to the efficiency of the staff who attended to me there. The best part of the salon is the fact that the staff working there has been retained since ages and they remember your names and preferences which adds to the overall experience. I opted for a relaxing pedicure and manicure which was done by one of their efficient therapists called Rajendra. I have been to several salons but this one has remained my all time favourite owing to the superior quality of products used and the efficiency of the staff.

The Waterstones Hotel and Club is an ideal location for a spa-cation owing to the Bliss Spa and Allure Salon where the mind, body and soul are relaxed and one feels refreshed and rejuvenated even in a busy and high energy city like Mumbai!

Address: Bliss Spa and Allure Salon, Waterstones Hotel, Off International Airport Approach Road, Sahar, Mumbai – 400059