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Review: The 111CRYO Facial at Harrods, Knightsbridge in London

By LLM Reporters on 22nd September 2018

Words by Lorelle Williams

Most people are now familiar with full body cryotherapy, a procedure that involves standing in a chamber of up to -90C for three minutes (because any longer would literally kill you). It produces an instant surge of endorphins and adrenaline, forcing the body into survival mode. Why would anyone chose to do this to themselves, you ask? Well, the health and beauty benefits are many:

  • Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain as well as joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis, and it may also promote faster healing of athletic injuries;
  • Cryotherapy encourages weight loss by encouraging the body to work harder to stay warm;
  • It reduces inflammation and, in turn, reduces inflammatory skin problems like eczema; and
  • Cryotherapy is said to reduce depression and anxiety.

What fewer people are familiar with is that cryotherapy is now available as a facial. Always keen to try out new and unconventional facial treatments, I arranged an appointment at one of the first and only places to offer it, 111Cryo in Harrods, London.

How does it work?

Unlike full body cryotherapy where clients stand up in a chamber, I laid comfortably on a heated bed for the cryo facial and the temperature of the air used was “only” -30C, not -90C. After a deep cleanse the face-freezing began. The nozzle of the cryo machine was hovered a few centimetres above my skin while the aesthetician, Shalley, moved it in circular motions above my neck and face.

111Cryo has an elegant clinic based at Harrods in London

What does it feel like?

Before my aesthetician began she told me that the first time she tried this facial it felt like she had been punched in the face and was holding an ice pack against the swelling. For me, however, the facial felt more like an ice cube being glided over my face and neck; the longer it lasted the more it stung.

On my cheeks, chin, nose and lips the -30C air felt bearable. On my neck, forehead, eyes and temples, however, it caused a brain freeze and my entire body to tense up. That said, the pain did not last long at all and my body reverted to its normal temperature as soon as the air was switched off.

What are the benefits of the Cryo facial?

The cryotherapy facial removes the outer dead layer of skin cells and stimulates the new ones underneath them to grow in a more even, smooth distribution. It also removes C02 and air pollution from the skin leaving a brighter, more even complexion, but the freezing air does dry out the skin.

Therefore Shalley applied a toner and moisture mask followed by a serum and eye cream to restore any lost moisture during the facial. When I was shown my face in the mirror afterwards, my pale skin looked glowy and porcelain like.

Unfortunately I am not based in London so it is not realistic for me to get a cryo facial weekly meaning I will have to wait patiently wait for a clinic to open up North. In the meantime, I will be popping into Harrods each time I visit London for a cryo-top up.

Address: 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL