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Review: The Facial Bar at Neville Hair & Beauty Salon, Belgravia

Words by Lorelle Williams

“The aim of The Facial Bar is to provide a service where proper, medically based facials are available at an affordable price and in a convenient, quick way. This means people whose skin needs attention are able to get it quickly, regularly and easily, (almost like a blow dry for the skin!), rather than having to spend £250 on a 90 minute facial once in a blue moon,” says Dr David Jack, Founding Partner of The Facial Bar.

Earlier this year, London-based leading anti-ageing specialist Dr. David Jack, a Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor with a background in plastic and reconstructive surgery, launched an express facial treatment bar at the five-storey Neville Hair & Beauty Salon in London’s Belgravia.

The Neville has looked after the sleekest of celebrities since its opening; Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman are just some of Hollywood’s acting royalty who have stopped by to be groomed after a flight across the pond. As for our own public figures, Sienna Miller, Holly Willoughby and Douglas Booth are amongst the long list of celebrities that the salon has attracted.

The Facial Bar is popular with celebrities

Based around the concept of ‘beauty in a flash’, The Facial Bar offers accessible and affordable treatments that were traditionally only found in medispas, so it only seemed appropriate to Dr Jack to house his dermatological grade facial bar in London’s most prestigious salon.

Treatments he has put on offer include peels, crystal clear micro needling, skin vitamin infusions, dermaplaning, cryotherapy and forma radiofrequency.

The Facial Bar’s therapist, Aminat Ola, is a master of her trade. Trained by Dr Jack and with years of experience as a facialist in five star hotels, she openly admits that she rarely sticks to treatment menus but rather uses them as mere guides because no two peoples’ skin are identical.

At the time of my visit to The Facial Bar I was suffering from an acne breakout. After assessing the problem areas on my face Aminat began with a deep cleanse under steam, a light scrub and a lymphatic drainage massage then spent the next 20 minutes using an oxyjet (as per the menu’s oxyjet facial) to blast pure oxygen mixed with vitamins into the deepest layers of my skin.

Several treatments are on offer including peels and cryotherapy

I pointed out that I was conscious of the dark circles around my eyes so Aminat applied a moisture rich eye mask which is listed in The Facial Bar’s menu as one of the bespoke ‘add-ons’ to any of the facials on offer.

Education about skin health is an important part of The Facial Bar concept so of course Aminat didn’t allow me out of her sight until she had filled my pockets with sachets of SPF 50.

For any Londoners looking for a service where proper, medically based facials are available at an affordable price then visit The Facial Bar at Neville Hair & Beauty, 5 Pont Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 9EJ.

For more information on treatments, visit nevillehairand beauty/facialbar