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Smell great this summer with these fresh fragrances

If you’ve been wearing the same perfume or aftershave all year, why not shake things up with a unique summer fragrance?

By LLM Reporters  |  April 8, 2022

Summer days necessitate cool summer fragrances, and while it’s not strictly necessary to change your perfume with the seasons, these new offerings will provide you with eight compelling reasons to do so. To replace the darker, woodsy tones that warmed us throughout winter, we’re switching comforting layers for airy lightness and seeking sharper, effervescent, more invigorating scents.

With traditional, fresh flowers and zesty, citrus notes that quickly lighten your mood, these joyful fresh scents play to the hottest season. There are cool, breezy ocean aromas that transport you to the beach, and there are a few rebels who don’t care if it’s summer or not they’re going deep, rich, and profoundly wonderful regardless of the season.

The sweet, fresh, and flowery combinations are vibrant enough to stand out while being subtle enough to spritz in the summer heat, giving the display-worthy bottles excellent countertop real estate. These invigorating fresh scents will take your senses to a state of vacation-like happiness even if you’re staying close to home, whether they include classic summer notes or are giving you every reason to change things up this season.

Men’s fragrances should have fresh citrus undertones

Factors to consider when choosing a summer fragrance

Summer fragrances are often citrus-based, cooling the skin and enveloping the wearer in a fresh, uplifting scent. The heat of the summer sun can agitate the scent, causing it to dissipate more quickly rather than stay on your skin. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep your summer scent in your luggage and reapply it throughout the day.

Keep in mind that the greatest citrus-based fragrances are those that are enhanced with woody, floral, and fruity elements to last longer on the skin. Candy, fruity, and fresh bursts of floral are some important scents for women this season, which are wonderful for the day and the stronger floral notes for the night.

Men’s fragrances should have fresh citrus undertones and can choose an oceanic scent, with vitality as fresh as ocean waves, the chilly scent celebrates seductive masculinity. Marine notes, for example, offer a bright, fresh, and natural touch to scents, whilst fruity notes such as peach and grapefruit are light and crisp.

Fresh, fruity, and flowery summer notes like lemon, raspberry, orange blossom, gardenia, and jasmine, complemented with woody and musky undertones, are ideal for any summer adventure.

Carolina Herrera perfumes
Candy, fruity, and fresh bursts of floral are some important scents for women this season, which are wonderful for the day and the stronger floral notes for the night. Image credit: Sorbis/

Here are eight of the very best fragrances that will kick off your summer.

1. The Lancôme La vie est belle l’eclat 

This updated version of Lancome’s famous La vie est belle has a wonderfully sweet scent with a hint of vanilla in the base notes. La vie est belle l’eclat is a lovely summer scent with fresh orange blossom in the forefront, while being delicately rooted in lovely sandalwood. White blossom is the perfect combination of sweet orange subtlety, green leaf, and floral notes, while the inviting, faceted glass flacon urges any passer-by to run their fingers over it, making it impossible to simply glance over it.

2. The Ferragamo, Salvatore Ribelle, Signorina

You’re not a traditionalist, but you’re also not completely unconventional. You enjoy partying into the small hours of the morning, and you do so in a flashy manner. The universe isn’t black and white; instead, it comes in fifty different colours of pink. Ferragamo’s newest contribution to the top summer fragrances on the market will complement your lighthearted and playful personality. 

This mix of classic ingredients with unexpected twists includes mandarin orange and pink pepper; frangipani and ylang-ylang; vanilla, ice cream, and coconut milk. The sweet floral and woodsy undertones aren’t overpowering, yet they’re unmistakable. Wear Signorina Ribelle to a sundowner with friends or for a brunch.

Man holding fragrance
Scents with overtones of fresh flowery summer are a good choice

3. The Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl

This Carolina Herrera perfume comes in a distinctive stiletto-shaped bottle and is one of the most adaptable designer perfumes of the previous decade. This is a must-buy for anybody who enjoys collecting fragrances. Good Girl is a break from the standard, opening with almond and coffee notes, as well as bergamot and lemon, giving the fresh citrus a crisp start. 

With undertones of tuberose, Bulgarian roses, orange blossom, and jasmine sambac, the heart is more traditional. The spicy-woody base sets this summer scent apart from traditional flowery feminine scents. Good Girl is a zesty, aromatic offering made with tonka beans, chocolate, vanilla, praline, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, and cinnamon. It may be used everywhere, at any time, and in any season, but it simply shines in the summer.

4. The Aurum Ajmal

Aurum is a trendy, floral and fruity summer fragrance for ladies created by Ajmal. It starts with uplifting raspberry and lemon notes, making it a joyful way to start a summer’s day. Gardenia, orange blossom, and jasmine are white flowers that give it a light, airy feel, while vanilla, amber, musk, and wood are sensual base notes that linger on the skin. 

Ajmal is a 70-year-old legacy brand that prides itself on employing genuine, high-quality components in its fragrances. Though Ajmal is primarily recognised for producing some of the greatest oudh-blends, its current fragrance line is as impressive.

Collection of perfumes
Fresh, fruity, and flowery summer notes like lemon, raspberry, orange blossom, gardenia, and jasmine, complemented with woody and musky undertones, are ideal for any summer adventure. Image credit: DGM/

5. The Pleasures by Estee Lauder

This cult favourite, which debuted in 1995 and is essentially identical to the original white, flowing dress, is still a popular seller for summer day wear. It starts with red berries and pink pepper and then transitions to a flowery bouquet of violet and freesia. 

The centre of this fragrance is light and fresh, with rose, peony, lily, and lilac notes blossoming. Cedar and sandalwood mix with the warm richness of patchouli and musk in its trail. Estee Lauder Pleasures’ earthy-woody base tones make this scent both addicting and immensely attractive.

6. The Malaki Chopard Black Incense

Chopard’s Black Incense is not for the faint of heart, but for those who wish to create a lasting first impression. This fragrance is for the bold explorer who enjoys being the centre of attention. It’s tough to ignore its notes of silky resins, rich leather, and a combination of spices when you’re in the same room as it. 

Those feelings are built on a foundation of woods, including the seductive oud. This is a statement item that you wear to make your presence known. It’s a strong option for pleasant, romantic summer evenings because of the rich blend.

7. The Rose N’roses by Christian Dior

Consider a bouquet of freshly cut flowers next to a basket of luscious, delectable fruits. The elixir is wonderful when Grasse rose and Damask rose to combine with nuances of Italian mandarin, geranium leaf, bergamot peel, and musk. Dior N’roses is a fresh, opulent spin on the Miss Dior classic. 

Designer Christian Dior once ordered his perfumer to create a scent that smelt like love, according to mythology. Miss Dior was born in this manner. Since then, the Miss Dior family has expanded to include a slew of new additions to the original. Treat yourself to Roses N’roses’ modern avatar this summer, even if you haven’t tasted the original.

Sophisticated and mild scents are best for everyday usage

8. The Juliette Has a Gun’s Moscow Mule

Juliette Has A Gun, a boutique French brand developed by Romano Ricci, great-grandson of famed couturier Nina Ricci, has a distinctive but not crazy scent. If you like an androgynous silhouette and want to party hard, the powerful notes of Russian vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice in this unisex scent will knock you out. 

Few people can overlook the Moscow Mule, whether or not they like it. The odd elements of this combination are balanced by the fresh bergamot. Thanks to a foundation of amber, musk mallow, and white musk, the powerful woody feeling will stay on your skin after hours.

Final thoughts

Always pick a perfume that suits your personality and test it on your skin as it’s crucial to understand how the perfume will interact with your body’s natural oils throughout the day.

Sophisticated and mild scents are best for everyday usage and aromas of flowers and fruits work nicely together. Always select a scent that is appropriate for the season. In the summer, choose a light, floral, citrus, breezy scent and avoid anything too heavy or overbearing, save those scents for the cooler seasons.