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Style focus: Mixing high-end fashion with art

Gotal Ryam

Quickly becoming recognised for her timeless, chic and forever relevant collections, Gotal Ryam loves to mix high-end fashion with art. Already making waves, the emerging Parisian designer in London talks us through her journey as a fashion designer so far…

When did you start in the fashion industry?
Following a move from Paris to London, I ended up in Soho where my interest in fashion peaked. My desire to draw beautiful garments led me to Central Saint Martins where I studied fashion drawing. And finally last year I decided to launch my own collection. It’s an exciting time of me, to see my brand develop and we’ve just recently launched my e-shop.

Gotal Ryam
Designer and artist, Gotal Ryam reinvents fashion by transcending its conventions, creating a new definition of her own vision of Fashion, the “Pret à Couture”

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I would describe my design aesthetic as Pret à Couture, it is a mix between Pret à Porter and Haute Couture.

You are known for your cut, what other aspects are you proud of with your clothing line?
Quality of the fabrics, and original details are really important elements to me.

Where do you find your inspirations?
Everywhere. As a visual artist, I’m influenced by so many aspects of this world!

Gotal Ryam
Gotal Ryam’s unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity

Tell us about your AW line…
The collection is called « Geometric shades from RBK » it has been inspired by the geometric aspects of Origami. This collection is made entirely of wool. It is the first collection that I wish to dedicate to my mother who has given me a taste for fashion and who embodies timeless style (RBK stands for Rebecca, my mother’s name)

What is next for you?
A/W18 is next for me, although I haven’t started yet. As usual, I am running late!