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Stylish ideas for hair loss after cancer

Fashionable Women's Headwear For Hair Loss

As chemotherapy treatment begins, the fear of losing hair grows. Many women may decide to cut their hair short even before the treatment begins as this can help to reduce the trauma see large amounts of hair fall out at a time.

Also you can go shopping for wigs, cancer head scarves and women’s turbans even before chemotherapy starts. This helps boost confidence as you try a new look to remain positive and confident throughout treatment. Head wraps are soft and smooth for the scalp and look great.

Let’s have a look at some of the best styles and fabrics that are currently available:

Calypso Head scarves
It is a European high-fashion inspired head scarf and had been designed for hair loss sufferers. It takes just a couple of minutes to wear as it is a pre-tied cancer head scarf. It is made up of cotton fabric and is very easy to put on.

Headscarves for Cancer Patients
Head wraps are soft and smooth for the scalp and look great

Square Scarves
It gives complete neck coverage and can be paired with hats or can be worn over chemo caps. It comes in varying eye catching designs like floral, paisley and dots. It is simple to tie and comfortable for the scalp.

Pre-Tied Head Scarves
These cancer head scarves save a lot of time giving a full coverage. Pre-tied scarves are fixable to all sized and fits in just by tying a knot or nothing at all. They come in numerous prints like floral, paisley, dots and geometric.

Rectangular Head Scarves
These are also known as Oblongs. This is a head scarf recommended for the ones looking for extra fabric hanging down beneath the shoulder. Tying an oblong might require practice but once mastered it looks unique. It can also be tied as a turban as it has large dimensions. One can experiment with the scarf and try different looks.

Woodblock Printed Scarves
Woodblock scarves are handmade cancer head scarves. It is accomplished by manual printing on the fabric. A design based on the wood is carved, dyed with beautiful colours and then is printed on the fabric to give it a unique look. Post a lot of hard work, unique scarves are crafted. These scarves come in various different patterns, sizes and shades. These can be slightly expensive.

Tie-Dyed Scarves
Tie-dyed scarves are again manually made, creating phenomenal cancer head scarves. These are available in different colours, sizes, patterns and dimensions.

Headscarves for Cancer Patients
There are many great styles of head scarves available to people undergoing cancer treatments

Chloe Turban
This is a comfortable headwear for the hair loss patients. It perfectly fits the neckline with several rows of elastic threads. Many people also use it as a sleep cap.

Celeste Pre-Tied Head Scarves
It comes with various beautiful prints and designs along with long ties or short ties. It can be worn for casual outings or parties. It perfectly assembles at the neckline and has a glowy tinge.

There are several choices of fabric available:

Silk can be worn for all the seasons. It is a very delicate fabric and must be handled with care. It is extremely soft and smooth for the scalp. It is perfect for summers as it absorbs sweat quickly. Very light in weight as well!

Cotton is a non-slippery and light-weighed material. It can be worn in all seasons. It does not dry as fast as all the other fabrics.

Chiffon is an easily washable and wearable material for the summers. These are not recommended for winters. These might not feel very soft, although they can be easily draped.

Viscose & Rayon
These are soft fabrics that can be easily draped. Not a good fabric for use on hot summer’s days.

Lace Hair Systems UK
Headscarves are a comfortable alternative to wigs for cancer patients.

Wool & Cashmere
These are to be worn strictly during winter. However, they might feel a little heavy on the head.

Plated Fabrics
These are made up of two fabrics- one type covers the outside while the other one is used to line the inner. Hence, one gets the benefit of two fabrics in one head scarf.

Bamboo Rayon
This is a soft fabric available in the market for patients suffering from hair loss. It is a perfect pick for warm conditions and gives comfort. It is said to be anti-microbial. Mostly, bamboo rayon is double layer and with the fabric on the inside it is extremely comfortable.

Cotton Poly Interlock
Some women opt for 100% cotton while some go for a poly-mix. The poly mixed with the cotton adds softness to the scarves which is great for a sensitive scalp.