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Talking style & fashion with Crazy Rich Asians star Victoria Loke

Crazy Rich Asians star Victoria Loke

Singaporean-born and NYU-educated actress, dancer and model Victoria Loke has made her commercial film debut in the WarnerBros feature movie Crazy Rich Asians, which has already grossed $164 million worldwide.

As an actress and model with strong music and dance training, Victoria is also a recent graduate of the Gallantin School of Individualized Study at NYU, where she began her acting career on screen while living in NYC.

She first appeared in the music video of Talib Kweli and Anthony Cruz – “A-Butta” of Natural Elements, as well as in brand campaigns for international streetwear labels and web pictorials for HypeBeast, dismagazine, Swagger New York, RADD LOUNGE and Bastards of Young Indonesia.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the lovely Victoria, who has also starred in commerical ads for Avon, Coca-Cola and MTV, to talk about her love for style and fashion.

Crazy Rich Asians star Victoria Loke
Victoria stars in the WarnerBros feature film Crazy Rich Asians

How would you describe your style?

My style is very eclectic, maybe it’s an occupational hazard but I always see myself as inhabiting a role when I dress myself so my wardrobe has multiple personalities. I do tend to stick to a more feminine cut regardless of the style personality though, because ultimately, I still believe it’s important to dress for your body shape.

Which one item from your wardrobe couldn’t you live without?

My white button-down from Jil Sander. Compared to the other button-downs I’ve owned, I love how it is slightly tapered at the waist, and yet it still isn’t a conventional “woman’s cut” per se. I wear it all the time, almost to a fault.

What are your current wardrobe staples?

Anything that doesn’t have to go over my head to put on or take off, because it’s not something I can wear to a shoot where I have to be in full hair and makeup and then change into my character’s wardrobe. Which is why I’m such a fan of button-downs! I also love wrap dresses for this purpose.

Reuben Foong 6-3
Victoria first appeared in the music video of Talib Kweli and Anthony Cruz – “A-Butta” of Natural Elements. Image credit: Reuben Foong

Who inspires your style the most? (celebrity, family member, etc.)

Right now, I am obsessed with pinup girls, and how meticulous they are with their grooming and their dressing, right down to the undergarments they choose to wear. We’re in an age where fast fashion rules, so it’s refreshing to look back at an era where women would take the time to have their clothes tailored to a perfect fit. They have such a personal and intimate relationship to fashion.

If you had to live with only a capsule wardrobe containing ten key pieces, what would they be, and why?

I have to admit that I think they would all be dresses, each for a different season and occasion. People who say that trousers offer you more freedom to move around clearly have not met the right dress yet! I would be quite happy to only ever wear dresses. They are so versatile and for me I like that I just have to worry about putting on one thing and I’m good to go.

Have you had any fashion disasters over the years?

I’ve had a skirt get snagged by a key that was left sticking out of a drawer at one of my first internships, but because I was in a hurry I had no idea I was running around with a gaping slash down my skirt. Thankfully another intern pointed it out to me before I ran into anyone else, and we were working in a fashion house at the time so she was also able to grab a sample I could change into.

Reuben Foong 2-1
Victoria has starred in commerical ads for the likes of Avon, Coca-Cola and MTV. Image credit: Reuben Foong

Where do you like to shop?

This is really a sign of the times, but I think I no longer have the stamina for shopping in stores. I do almost all my shopping online, and if the fit isn’t right I take it to get tailored. When you shop online you get to see hundreds of collections at a go, and I’m usually looking for something specific so it’s hard to go shop to shop to search for that in person.

What is your favourite trend at the moment?

I’m having a bit of a vintage girly moment myself, so I love the over-the-top ruffles we saw at Rodarte’s SS19 collection. I would love to be a walking tower of ruched taffeta!

What is the best piece of fashion advice you have ever been given?

Dress for yourself, not for anyone else.