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Ten time-saving beauty hacks


Maintaining a comprehensive beauty routine on a daily basis can be expensive, time consuming, and downright exhausting. While –  for the most part – experimenting with makeup, skincare and hair products can be an enjoyable pursuit, it’s normal to have days where you’re  too tired, too busy, or would pay good money for an extra five minutes in bed.

To help you along the way, we’ve rounded up ten of the easiest time-saving beauty hacks to make things that little bit easier when times are tough. Whether you like to admit it or not, they’re bound to come in handy someday, so sit down, take note….and enjoy that extra snooze-time in the morning.

  • To wake up tired eyes and make them appear wider and brighter, try using a nude or white eyeliner on the lower waterline.
  • Bought a brand new bottle of foundation only to get home and find that it’s too dark? We’ve all been there. But before you go casting it aside, there’s no need – simply adding a little bit of moisturiser is enough to lighten it by a shade or so.
  •  If you lust after plumper, fuller lips, then hold on before you book in for fillers. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your lipstick with have the desired effect with none of the commitment – or the risk of ending up with the dreaded trout pout.
  • Warm up your mascara tube before applying any product to your lashes. The result? Curly, luscious lashes – you’ll never go back to room-temperature mascara again.
  • If you’re short on time or low on energy, either play up your eyes or your lips – not both. This is a great general rule to live by anyway, and will help you to avoid overkill.
  • Keep face wipes by the bed for those nights where sleep takes priority above all else. You should never rely on this fix on a daily basis though, as wipes can destroy the skin’s acid mantle, leaving it dry and dehydrated. Plus, your skin needs a good, deep cleanse to rid it of all debris, and failing to do so can lead to breakouts.
  • Got a favourite lip colour but not so keen on the finish? Dab some concealer onto the lips before applying your lipstick for a matte finish – and increased longevity, to boot.
  • Beat puffiness before it sets in in the first place by sleeping propped up on two pillows instead of one. By helping to drain fluid from your face, you’re not allowing it to pool around the eyes, leading to that unrested and undesirable look in the mornings.
  • Spray your Kirby grips with hairspray before fixing into your hair for a longer-lasting and lower-maintenance up-do.
  • Put paid to dry hands and feet by applying a generous layer of moisturising lotion or body butter before bed and then popping on a pair of socks. Soft skin will be yours by morning.

Consider your beauty regime significantly shortened. You can thank us later.