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The 5 most luxurious jewelers in the world

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For more than a millennia gold, precious gems and jewels have been coveted by the wealthy. Partly because of their rarity and uniqueness, after all the entire world’s gold reserves laid out would just cover a football pitch a meter or so high, the glittery stuff has been seen as true sign of wealth and prosperity. The truth is owning a diamond or something else fabulously dazzling isn’t quite good enough, it needs to presented and framed. If you have it, you flaunt it, and what better way than rocking a mega rock either pinned to your ears, slung round your neck or perched on your finger. So clean and bright they literally can’t miss it!

If you’re feeling flush or lucky here’s a few of the finest luxury jewelry brands to daydream about.


World renowned, but with its origins firmly in Europe’s most romantic city, Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. The brand opened its first boutique in 1859 and after being adopted by the local bourgeoisie, soon expanded to New York and London.

Since its creation it’s been central to the world of luxury and style. Cartier has benefitted from more than 100 years of endorsement from the British Royal Family. The French jeweller who received a Royal Warrant in 1904, and the Royals have continued to wear Cartier to special occasions, notably the Duchess of Cambridge wore the Halo Tiara on her Wedding Day and Meghan Markle, wore exquisite diamond studs on her big day.

Recently ranked in the top 60 most valuable brands in the world and continues to be extremely popular maintaining its relevance with examples such as the Cartier LOVE bracelet still being on every woman’s lust list four decades since it was first created.

De Beers

When it comes to diamonds there’s one name that can’t ever be excluded. De Beers has a long heritage in both the mining and the distribution of diamonds, a market where they are still a hugely influential and colossal beast. The brand once controlled as much as 85% of the diamond market, and still sell approximately 35% of the world’s diamond production though its global network.

Not only are they the most renowned diamond distributer in the world, they’ve also benefited from some very impressive marketing too. Without them the whole industry might never have recovered in the same way after the Great Depression. After a decline in the sales of diamonds during the Great Depression the brand all but created the diamond engagement ring, positioned alongside the very famous slogan ‘Diamonds are Forever’. A campaign that would be considered the best advertising slogan of the 20th century.

Some would say a diamond isn’t a diamond unless it’s a De Beers.


More than 100 years ago Coco Chanel first began her journey that would see her totally flip the world on its axis when it comes to fashion. Gabrielle Chanel, her birth name, started as a milliner before challenging the norms of fashion and style and revolutionising the wardrobes of the upper classes and in doing so became perhaps the biggest fashion icon of our time. In 1917, Harper’s Bazaar magazine reported that the garments of the House of Chanel were on the list of every buyer in Europe, and little has changed today. Her logo still adorns the rich and famous and not only is a status symbol but something every woman desires to own. Many may opt for a traditional pearl necklace like the iconic woman herself. Rich Diamonds has a beautiful 18k white gold diamond and pearl Chanel necklace that oozes sophisticated charm.


Since launching in 1960 Laurence Graff OBE has strived to ensure that the emotional connection of gemstones is set within the innovation and creation of their exquisite gems, it’s said that he has handled more rare diamonds than any other jeweller in the world. With 50 stores worldwide, the most notable of which has to be the DeLaire Graff Estate in South Africa. The ultimate indulgence for anyone visiting the Cape Winelands. Visitors can experience stunning collections from tennis bracelets to yellow diamond butterfly earrings. So if you’re looking for something rare, unique with passion and style at its heart. Look no further…

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co has perhaps become more famous over time and is the default location in New York for people in search of luxurious jewellery. With its roots as a specialty retailer, the brand has stayed true to its origins continuing to create a unique and unrivalled marque name as a store and destination. Since 1940, Tiffany’s flagship store has operated on the corner of Fifth Av in Manhattan, NYC – well known for its window displays, polished exterior and little turquoise boxes. By buying something from this store you not only get something expensive and beautiful but you also get a slice of modern day culture with the brand and store gaining fame and notoriety thanks in the main to the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the flawlessly beautiful Audrey Hepburn.