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The art and science of anti-ageing: We find out how renowned physician Dr. Thomas Szulc is providing anti-ageing care at his practice

By LLM Reporters  |  December 27, 2020

Words by Eve Glover

Originally from Poland, Dr. Thomas Szulc has travelled across the globe, working extensively with other pioneers in holistic medicine to incorporate cutting edge modalities and technologies into his practice, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM), located in Huntington, NY.

Known for curing the ‘incurable’ and getting to the root of an illness, rather than masking it with medication, people flock to him for his highly unique and personalised approach. In May 2019, Dr. Szulc opened Elemental Aging, a new division at his practice which specialises in anti-ageing. He applies the same principles to anti-ageing as he does to healing, opening up energetic pathways, detoxifying impurities in the organs, blood and surface of the skin, and purifying them from the inside out.

Dr. Szulc elaborates: “Preserving one’s natural beauty, today known as anti-aging, is very similar to healing. They are both art forms that require a holistic perspective. We’ve taken the same sophisticated approach we apply to medicine and have successfully developed amazing therapies that rejuvenate on all levels of our being – body, mind and spirit.”

Dr Thomas Szulc Medical Director NYCIM

He is the inventor of his own ground-breaking testing technique, Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH), which is able to detect various imbalances and dysfunctions in the body, and he uses this testing method along with other advanced evaluation systems, to assess what specific treatments will help to rejuvenate a patient’s skin. Treatment programs are uniquely tailored to meet each patient’s own specific skincare concerns and needs.

Eve Glover caught up with president and co-founder of Innovative Medicine, Caspar Szulc, and nurse practitioner, Erin Mewshaw, to discuss some of the state-of-the-art procedures and anti-ageing treatments at NYCIM.

Could you describe for us some of the most cutting-edge anti-ageing treatments you offer at NYCIM?

Erin Mewshaw: We use a combination of machines from all over the world, including Alma Lasers from Israel, Dermatude, a method of skin rejuvenation from the Netherlands, and Bioptron and Phyto5 machines from Switzerland. Bioptron is a revolutionary hyperlight therapy device used to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. It was voted the number one anti-ageing device at the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress in Paris.

Phyto5 machines at our practice include the Biorhythmic Draineur, which mechanically stimulates massage movements, the Chromapunteur, an energetic light machine and the Biostimulateur, which uses mechanical vibrations on acupuncture and reflex meridians. We also have Nano Herbs Light (NHL), which is a ground-breaking type of acupuncture technology that is needle-free. In addition, we have a microneedling device.

There are plenty of non-invasive anti-ageing treatments on offer at NYCIM

Could you tell us about the lasers you use at your clinic?

Caspar Szulc: The Alma lasers we use from Israel are not only the most cutting-edge in the industry as far as technology and quality, but they are very versatile. Between the two machines we utilise at the clinic, vShape Ultra and Harmony XL Pro, there are numerous applications including fractional nano laser, cold shear wave and hot ultrasound technology, focused radiofrequency (RF), microablative RF needling, afT (advanced fluorescence technology, and Dye-VL intense pulsed light. This allows for a chemical-free, natural approach to anti-ageing that is FDA-cleared for over 65 indications such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, pigmented lesions, and spider veins.

How does PRP microneedling with PRP and radio frequency work? Can this benefit all skin types?

Mewshaw: We utilise Alma Lasers’ Microplasma RF technology, which combines the effects of a dermal roller with radio frequency to create microscopic channel wounds while thermally heating the surrounding skin. This is designed to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to create new tissue formation, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. After the laser treatment, we use your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) and place it on top of the skin perforations to enhance further collagen production and improve overall skin texture. It is suitable for all skin types.

How long is the expected recovery period for this procedure, and are there post-treatment care options that can help patients heal more quickly? How many treatments does it usually take to see results?

Mewshaw: The average recovery time is five to seven days post-treatment. Since your skin will be red and inflamed immediately following the procedure, we utilise a quantum polarized light therapy (UV-free) called Bioptron. We shine the light on top of your face to bring circulation to the area, reduce redness, and jump-start the regeneration process in the skin. After you leave the office, we send you home with AnteAge MD skin care products that contain anti-ageing peptides and stem cell growth factors and cytokines that are designed to help with tissue repair and healing. Four to six treatments, spaced out monthly, is optimal.

It’s never too early to begin a good skincare regimen to achieve healthy skin

What sets this particular procedure at NYCIM apart from similar ones offered by other practitioners? Could you explain to us what TruDose PRP is and how it uses artificial intelligence?

Szulc: TruDose is with more precision and concentration as opposed to traditional or activated PRP. The real synergistic effect comes when you can combine TruDose PRP for microneedling of the face together with other light applications that further boost collagen production. Utilising a platelet counting machine together with artificial intelligence, we are able to calculate precisely the most beneficial amount of blood to extract in order to produce the highest concentration of PRP for maximum results.

Can using laser therapy alone bypass the need for injectable fillers, and even surgery? Would someone who is older and in need of a facelift, for example, be able to replace having to have actual surgery just by getting laser treatments alone? How soon can a young person experiencing problem skin start having laser treatments?

Mewshaw: Depending on the depth of the wrinkles and skin sagging you have, laser therapy can definitely help improve the overall texture and tone of the skin. However, if you are 65 and have engaged in poor dietary habits most of your life and haven’t taken good care of your skin, the likelihood of laser treatment taking 15 or even 30 years off of your skin is very slim. This is why some patients need Botox, fillers and surgery to reach their desired outcome.

As far as laser treatments go, there isn’t a specific age that someone should start this. It all depends on the health of the skin at the time. If an 18-year-old comes to us with deep acne scars that they want treated, I would encourage them to do laser resurfacing in combination with other treatments and not wait until they are 30.

Whether it’s to clear up acne scarring in your early twenties or anti-ageing procedures later on in life, NYCIM can help

At what age do you recommend people start getting in the habit of developing a good skincare regimen? What are some simple treatments or habits people can incorporate into their lives that will help them to achieve youthful and healthy-looking skin?

Mewshaw: It is never too early to adopt a healthy skin care routine, which is why I always suggest that young girls and boys begin a three-step skin care system (cleanse, tone, moisturise) around the time of puberty. This, along with a healthy diet and sun protection will help establish good skin care habits and will improve the tone and texture of their skin long-term. However, just like with anything in medicine, prevention is key.

Getting routine treatments that target lymphatic drainage under the skin, facial reflexology, light therapy to improve circulation, as well as exfoliation, will by and large improve and protect the skin long-term, thereby minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Just like with diet and exercise, you can’t stop after you’ve reached a desired outcome. You still need to do maintenance to maintain the same results.

This same principle applies to your skin. You need to take care of it each and every day, and this involves using high quality skin care products, sticking to a healthy lifestyle, and meeting with a skin care provider that will tailor treatments to your individual needs. Since our skin is an outer reflection of our inner health, addressing nutritional, emotional, and energetic imbalances inside your body will naturally help to improve the outer appearance of your skin, and skin that is already in good shape will respond better to treatments.

From topical treatments to laser treatments to microneedling, NYCIM provides a range of services to suit your needs

Could you describe for us a little about some of the most coveted topical skincare treatments you have?

Mewshaw: The Phyto5 line is a favourite amongst our patients. It is made in the heart of the Jura mountains in Switzerland, where it is environmentally protected and free from pollution. There are three lines. One of them is based on the five Chinese elements, and it’s the only quantum energetic skin care line on the market. It addresses physical skin imperfections, but also works energetically by promoting emotional well-being and increasing feelings of positivity.

The other two lines are made of hi-tech organic compounds and are targeted towards anti-ageing. The five-element line is based upon each of the five elements in Chinese Medicine – fire, earth, wood, water and metal. Each of the elements use powerful essential oils and premium plant-based ingredients to target specific skin conditions that are usually present during the particular season it is associated with.

For example, the water element is associated with winter and it targets skin that is dehydrated and lacks tone. It also helps when you are feeling sad and discontent. The fire element is associated with summer and it helps address redness and inflammation. It helps you feel joy when you are feeling unhappy and depressed. We use these products in our facial and body treatments, depending on your specific skin issue.

Other brands we carry include Syrene (from New Zealand), Isdin (from Spain), Cellergen (from Switzerland), Dermatude (from the Netherlands), and AnteAge MD (medical grade skin care line). All of them are rigorously tested before being approved to use in our practice.

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