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The at-home spa: Rest, relaxation and wellbeing without leaving your house


With the stress of today’s hectic schedules, we can all be guilty at times of neglecting our health and putting unnecessary pressure on our bodies and minds, leaving us feeling run down, restless and generally sub-par.

Attaining the right balance between living our lives and maintaining a certain level of wellbeing is no easy task, but SASHA, the newest creation by luxury home spa brand Jacuzzi, aims to help you achieve it with a unique new offering.

Complete with sauna, shower and a Hammam (steam room) all in one single space, the SASHA promises to serve as your own personal wellness retreat, helping you unwind and putting you firmly back in touch with the peace and tranquillity we all so desperately need in our lives.

Drawing on ancient traditional methods of relaxation and recovery, the sauna has been relied upon for hundreds of years to aid a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Increased blood flow, cleansing of the skin and relief from muscular fatigue are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy from experiencing regular saunas.

For optimum stress relief and detoxifying therapy, the SASHA Sauna offers three valuable programmes: Bio Sauna (60°C), Roman Sauna (70°C-75°C) and a traditional Finnish Sauna (90°C), with humidity ranging from 30% to below 12%. These varying temperatures and humidity levels work to effectively raise the heart rate, whilst decreasing blood pressure and easing muscle pain, as the elastic properties of tissue, ligaments and joint tissue are heightened.

Often underrated as a therapeutic treatment, the shower can alternate temperatures and water pressures, encouraging stimulation of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. The jet of water provided by the SASHA Shower guarantees a nervous stimulation that influences both superficial and deeper tissues and even organs.

Delivering an all-round wellness experience, the SASHA Hammam produces steam to cleanse and purify from the outside in, whilst helping you to regain peace of mind along the way.

Relaxation and respite without even leaving the house? Where do we sign up?